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30 years of the first film "Guest from the Future." 5 series.

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Exactly 30 years ago, the premiere of the film "Guest from the Future." 5th series was shown March 29, 1985 ...

The student of the sixth class "B", the twentieth of the Moscow School - Kolya Gerasimov, finds a time machine and, without permission, sent her to the end of the 21st century, where witnesses as space pirates - Merry V and rats - stealing Alice Selezneva unique instrument for mind reading - mielofon. Kohl's, wanting to help Alice mielofon intercepts and returns at the time. It is followed by the pirates and Alice. Alice meets a classmate Kolya Gerasimov - Julia fungal and gets in her sixth "B", where learning two more Koli. The problem is that friends do not know which of the three hides at Kohl mielofon. Finally, Nick decides to give mielofon Alice. But on this day the pirates get into school. Pirates chased him, and Alice - for pirates. Julia tells classmates Gribkova details all the incredible story and sent them in search of Koli. Soon they are joined by Alice and not caught the pirates. After some time, it found that mielofon with Colin note portfolio is Julia. Reading mielofon thought bystander guys know where Kohl, and sent to his rescue. Pirates Kohl hung upside down, trying to bribe him with material things, but he did not say where he hid mielofon. At this point, Alice mielofon sneaks into the house where the pirates hid, and Kohl is unconscious. Soon the house are going to all the guys and Martha Skryl that seeks Alice, so she could not escape the big sports career. In the end, after a fight with a female trainer and other adventures pirates take mielofon and hurry to the basement, where hidden time machine. However, the door is locked to the time machine. Pirates threaten blaster children, appeared in time in the basement. At this point, the door leading to the time machine, opens and there appears Polina. In the name of law Galaxy Pauline arrests and paralyzes space pirates, returning them to the true image. She then asked the children not to tell anyone about this story. However, even if they spill the beans, they will not believe. Polina accompanies arrested pirates in the future, and Alice gives two minutes to say goodbye to the children and hurried back to his time - in 2084. Alice says goodbye to the guys and reveals every bit of his fate. Then she enters the room with a time machine, and automatic door hides it all. The final song of the film "Beautiful far."

Градов Андрей Петрович Ishutin. It appears in the 4-series, but fully manifests his despicable character in the last episode. For this expressive character we have to thank the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Andrei Petrovich Gradova . After the "guests", he starred in more than 60 A lot of work actor voiceover and sound dubbing. Andrei Petrovich liked guys on the set. AV Ants He says : "And I have the warmest memories of Andrei Cities. He was a wonderful, wonderful, fun. I remember he once voiced one of bad character. And he said: "Oh my God! What am I doing? What my daughter say? What a nightmare that I depict here! '. "

Well, that's probably all. Or does not it? Oh yes. That girl next to Ishutina. This is Alice, you know, we talked about it. The main character of the film, which first appears in a frame in the second series.

Наталия Евгеньевна Мурашкевич (Гусева) Play it simple, as they write, Moscow schoolgirl - Natasha Guseva - Natalia E. Murashkevich . After the "guests" appeared as early as 3 films played an episode in the series, voiced starship captain in the cartoon "Alice's Birthday." Natalia E. graduated from the Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technology named after Lomonosov and become a biochemist. The shooting of the film "Guest from the Future" is very complicated her life as a child, as it was not ready to stall at her great popularity. Now, however, she recalls her work in film with warmth. Communication with good people in general permanently stored, but in this case everything was creative people, high professionals. Almost all children have limited experience of filming and adults they were very helpful - and the crew and famous actors.

Let us mention some of the crew members and other "helpers" who hit the shot of the film.

Вейтков Леонид Константинович 4 Series. Natasha, sitting on the shoulders of Julia fungal and donning a cloak, trying to trick the pirates. (In fact, it sits on Alexei Fomkin, which dressed in Julia ) The most dangerous area - a pedestrian crossing. And then randomly appear two passers. A closer look shows that it is very difficult to portray the bystanders as they are at any moment ready to pick up the shaky "pyramid". One of these passers - sound Leonid K. Veytkov ( see. photo number 2 here ). However, its main merit, certainly not in this episode. A good imagination and inventiveness enabled him to announce all the instruments and mechanisms for the future in the "guests".

Лысых Александр Степанович 5 Series. Respectable passerby catches Julia and Alice. Residents outraged noise children make their point. Both episodes played by one of the operators of the film - Bald Alexander Stepanovich . The photo of working moments of shooting it is often seen: cm. Photo number 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 17 , 21 . However, the voice of both episodes Kokshenov Mikhail . Subsequently, Alexander S., together with the main operator of "guests" - Sergey Leonidovich Onufriev - made ​​a film Tema Childhood (1991).

Оксана Компаниец Among the aides in making the film is necessary to mention stunt . Pirates of the falling and jumping from a height, ran out on the roofs of moving vehicles - this is all they are - a group led by Oleg Korytina . And, of course, Alice! Ran to the trolley bus, jumping over the fence and out of the window of the school. Oh, how it is admired by millions of children and beat their self-esteem! Little girl - how can! That is what it means to be a full human development! And this "jumpy" Alice - also stunt - young Oksana Kompaniets - while candidate master. Unfortunately, except for the information to date about her almost nothing was known. However, just recently, we've found it! It turned out that it was an interesting and rather unexpected twist career. In the near future it will be prepared material about the life of this amazing man!

Конец фильма On our site you can find the interview and some information about the other members of the crew of the team:

Production Designer Kravchenya Olga Semyonovna .

Artist Vyacheslav S. Rebrov .

Assistant Director Faith E. Lind .

And, of course, a fiction writer Kir Bulychev and production director Paul Arsenov Oganezovich .

And yet the music. And the song that was played at the end of the film. According to the unanimous opinion of the audience without the music and songs of the film would not have been so "catchy". He wrote music Krylatov Evgeny Pavlovich and poems - Yuri Entin . I sang this song as Daskovsky Tatiana , who is not even mentioned in the credits. Such were the rules in those years. Tatiana S. voiced more than 200 films, but in the credits is only five.

This concludes the commemorative publication of articles about the movie "The Guest from the Future."

Despite three decades of the "age" of the film, it remains a favorite with viewers of all ages.

Just a few hours ago, the meeting movie fans with their favorite actors and creators of the film "Guest from the Future" .

_ _ _ (Photo: Cher)

It was something to remember, it was one to remember. We will tell you more about this meeting.

And more. To date, it is written (and copied:)) thousands of articles devoted to this film. However, much still remains "behind the scenes". Some people who participated in making the film still is not known. If you know something about these people or maybe even yourself starring in it - albeit in a cameo role - always write to us!

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  1. 1 03/29/2015 Dmitry:

    So he knew about people on the zebra!

  2. 2 30.03.2015, alex21:

    The film is an amazing energy. When trying to understand why it is one of the most emotional events in my life so far, I am inclined to answer to myself that I got exactly the target audience age. However, reading the posts older people, feel their emotions erupted nothing less. Many thanks to all the filmmakers and a special thank you to the creators of the universal size of the image and singer Alice.

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