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30 years of the first film "Guest from the Future." 4 series.

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Exactly 30 years ago, the premiere of the film "Guest from the Future." The 4th series was shown March 28, 1985 ...

The student of the sixth class "B", the twentieth of the Moscow School - Kolya Gerasimov, located in the basement of an empty house and a time machine without permission, sent to her in the future. It is at the end of the 21st century, where he meets the humane robot Werther, which allows Cole to go to the launch site. The cosmodrome Kohl sees space pirates - Laughter and rats have arrived on Earth in order to obtain a unique device for reading thoughts - mielofon, steal it from Alice Selezneva. Nick comes to the rescue Alice manages to intercept mielofon. Pirates chased him. And only the robot Werther allows Cole to return to our time and save mielofon. But the Werther dies. Following Kolya us penetrate the space pirates. And Alice. Alice meets a classmate Kolya Gerasimov - Julia fungal and enters the sixth "B". But the trouble is that in the class - three Kohli and friends do not know which one hides at mielofon. Kolya Gerasimov would be happy to admit, but it intimidates Fima Korolyov and persuades hide. Ring around Koli compressed. An attempt to send mielofon future falls, because the entrance to the car temporarily closed. Alice temporarily studying in school and twentieth shows himself an excellent student and athlete. It is proof that in a hundred years, all students will be honors and athletes.
Finally, Nick decides to give mielofon Alice. But on this day the pirates get into school.
Saving Alice and mielofon, Nick decides to divert the attention of the pirates themselves. Pirates chased him, and Alice - for pirates. Then Julia Gribkova tells all his companions, and they rush to the aid of the girl from the future. They do not know that Nick fell into the hands of pirates, and they are prepared to torture him to find out the secret mielofon.

Васильева Екатерина Евгеньевна English teacher Alla S. - actress Catherine E. Vasilyev . (Not to be confused with Ekaterina Vasilyeva, whose filmography is sometimes mistakenly added to the film "Guest from the Future"). Probably for this role Catherine E. invited because of its excellent knowledge of the English language, it acquired at school. After the "guests" appeared in more than a dozen films and TV series, many working on the translation of foreign cartoons. Now he continues to act in films, if the project seems interesting to her, and for the soul works in the church bell ringer and interested in iconography.

Семён Бузган Kohl Sadowski - Simon Buzgan . Colorful boy spied for the movie V.E.Lind back in the seventies on the New Year tree in the Kremlin. The audition for the role of the film was Fima, but then he was chosen for the role of Koli Sadowski. Interesting fact: Guseva Natasha's mother was the local doctor Seeds. Among classmates Alice was one of the older boys. Shortly after the shooting in the "guests" arrived in MADI, but after the first year went into the army, and then got injured and did not finish high school, he moved to Israel. He worked there on Russian radio, was an advertising agent, a salesman in an electronics store. Since 2010 he has been working in the taxi. The second time married, the youngest daughter is now 3 years old. Despite the fact that a professional actor did not, the makings actor's help in any job. We caught up with Semyon and after a while come online material in the preparation of which he has kindly agreed to take part.

Суховерко Антон Рогволдович Nick Sulima - Sukhoverko Anton Rogvoldovich . After the "guests" appeared in a cameo in the movie "Slap, which was not." The daughter of Anton - Julian Sukhoverko - currently playing in the theater " Contemporary ", together with his father - a famous actor Sukhoverko Rogvold Vasilyevich.

Муравьёв Алексей Владимирович Boris Messerer - Ants Alexey . After high school, he graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in "Classical Philology", in 1992 he defended his thesis on the specialty 07.00.03 "General History". The historian, theologian , expert on the history of Eastern Christianity and publicist. He teaches at the School of Oriental Studies at the Department of the HSE Eastern civilization development . Some publications are available online at A.V.Muravёva " Notes of the Fatherland "and" Post-Science ".

Наталья Шанаева Lena Dombazova - Natalia Shanaeva . She graduated from the Moscow School 951 in 1987. The dream of becoming an actress did not realize, but many children have a wonderful mother! By the way, notice how beautiful everything classmate Alice. Why is that? Yes, because many of them auditioned for the role of Alice, and was selected for this role. The Internet is still tense debate on about what kind of actress prettier, and who had to play Alice. Well, for example…

Екатерина Авербах Mila Rutkiewicz - Catherine Auerbach . Is not Alice? But she got the role of an excellent pupil "traitor", which is still very loved by the audience!

Katya Mikhailova (Kolyaskina Elena) , Albina Fetisov (Maria Baukina) and everyone in the film is not called by name, but we would be happy if they respond and write about themselves - all perfectly captured the atmosphere of happy childhood times mischievous late USSR.

Божок Татьяна Андреевна Mama Koli Gerasimov - Actress Tatyana Andreevna Idol . After the "guests" appeared even in the top ten films, several newsreels "Jumble" and switched mainly on dubbing and dubbing of cartoons, where it owns a huge number of women's and children's characters. Returning to shoot in film permits only in the event of interesting proposals from the directors.

Баранов Вячеслав Васильевич Eduard, a physical education teacher named Ilya Muromets - actor Viacheslav Baranov (5.09.1958-20.06.2012). Played a huge number of roles in film, but work on the dubbing in films, dubbing cartoons and computer games just do not count!

Варлей Наталья Владимировна Coach March Erastovna Skryl - Natalya Varley . It's amazing how it can transform an actress. After all, few young viewers learned it well-liked at the time the Caucasian captive! In 1989 he became the Honored Artist of the RSFSR, in 2010 received the Order of Friendship for his merits in the development of national culture and art, and many years of fruitful activity. He writes poetry, takes part in numerous TV projects, for example, is a presenter of the program " Your case "on Channel 1.

Конец четвёртой серии To be continued…

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