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30 years of the first film "Guest from the Future." 2 series.

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Exactly 30 years ago, the premiere of the film "Guest from the Future." 2nd Series was shown March 26, 1985 ...

13th April 1984 student sixth grade "B", the twentieth of the Moscow School - Kolya Gerasimov to find an empty house in the basement of a time machine, and without asking permission from anyone, it goes into the future. It is at the end of the 21st century, where he met with the robot Werther. Werther allows Cole to go to the launch site to see the return of the star of the expedition. The cosmodrome Kohl tries to get on any spacecraft to visit Mars or Venus, absolutely not thinking about my mother, who is confident that her son went to the store for yogurt. Wandering in the premises of the spaceport, Kohl sees two strange creatures appear out of the container, which arrived from Saturn. They attack the spaceport employees and make them look. These creatures - the last space pirates, who secretly came to Earth to possess mielofon. Help. "Encyclopedia of inventions", 8th edition, Moscow, 2082, reports mielofon following: mielofon - a unique device developed in the laboratory of professor Seleznev, based superkristalla Giperselenita. Mielofon capable of detecting and decoding brain action currents. Range: Up to six meters. With mielofon thoughts you can read any living being, provided that it has thought. The device is allowed to use only strictly scientific purposes. Found out that mielofon is in the Cosmic Zoo, Alice Selezneva, which uses it for scientific purposes, the pirates rush to Kosmozoo and cunning master device. They believe that anyone who knows the thoughts of other people, can rule over them. But they can not carry out until the end of his evil intent because Kolya, with the help of his new friends - Electronic Ivanovich and goat Napoleon captures valuable device. Pirates catch him. Where to go? Of course, the Institute of Time, where Kohl is waiting for his faithful friend Werther. Werther Kohl manages to send back to the time machine, but he is killed in an unequal battle with space pirates. Kohl returned on the same day, from which left 13 of April 1984go year. But not alone! Behind him rush the pirates who know Kohl's face, but more about it do not know anything. For pirates rushing Alice, who knows what mielofon Kolya, a student of the sixth class "B", 20-th school, but she does not know Kohl's face. Nick knows that being chased, but did not know what to do now.

Инна Гомес (Чуркина) Schoolgirl at the spaceport - Inna Gomes (Churkin). First time starred in "Dangerous trifles." After the "guests" appeared 27 more films. In 1988 Inna took part in the Soviet Union for the first beauty contest "Moscow Beauty". She worked as a model in the agency mastered cinematography Yuri Grymov and art photography. In 2001 he participated in the first season of the TV project "The Last Hero". In 2002, Inna gave birth to a daughter and after a short break back again in movies and on TV. Inna Gomes develops a positive attitude of society to motherhood, the proponent of audiobooks, "I'm with you! The good fairy tale, "the trustee charitable foundation to help children with serious diseases," Help rebёnku.ru. "

Невинный В.М., Кононов М.И. Space Pirates. Rats - actor Mikhail Kononov Laughter In - actor Innocent VM First, in the second series of staff play the spaceport, and then act in their appearance throughout the film.

Innocent Vyacheslav (30.11.1934-31.05.2009). At the time of filming the movie had a title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1969) and People's Artist of the RSFSR (1977). After the "guests" appeared more in 26 films, but only in his "baggage" 72 film, teleplay 3, scoring 37 cartoons. In 1986 he received the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

Natalia Guseva on Vyacheslav Innocent: "I have the impression the innocent amazing. Firstly, he was a People's Artist. It then simply torn apart: film, theater, radio. And like seemingly a children's movie. But he laid out! So he ran in that sweater on all these lanes! He was so hard. He was so hot. Then we filmed "Purple Ball." He was in some awful synthetic fur coat, these wig and makeup (Gromozeka). He is very honest, very conscientious about the shooting, despite the fact that a film for children. And to me - a child - he was always treated as a full counterpart.

Mikhail Ivanovich Kononov (25.04.1940-16.06.2007). After the "guests" appeared as early as 20 films, received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1989) and People's Artist of Russia (1999). His filmography of more than 60 paintings, scoring 10 cartoons. Since the early 90's was a little removed due to rejection of the new cinema. Statement said: "I - a tragicomic actor. Laughter through tears - this is what you need in the art, in my opinion. "

Григорьев Юрий Герасимович Professor Seleznev - actor Grigoriev Yuri Gerasimov. After the "guests" appeared in 12 more films. He has been working at the Russian Academic Youth Theater. He was a TV presenter and a number of TV shows, in particular, known as Uncle Jura in the program "Good night, kids." He believes that "children need to play the same way as for adults, only much better."

Ясулович Игорь Николаевич Electronic Ivanovic and goat voice of Napoleon - the actor Yasulovich Igor. He received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1988), People's Artist of Russia (2001), Laureate of the State Prize of Russia (2000), the Order of Merit (2013). After the "guests" appeared even in several dozen films, but only in the filmography of the actor more than 140. The director-producer of several films. Actively working in the theater, he is currently serving in the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre. The actor has a unique tone of voice recognizable tenoralnym rich emotional tone, so is very popular with the dubbing of films and cartoons.

Соболевская М.В., Скворцова М.С., Виноградова М.С. Three old women on a bench - Sobolevskaya MV, MS Skvortsov, Mikhail Vinogradov Further, in the film The rats will sometimes take the image of an old woman sitting in the middle.

Skvortsova Maria Savelievna (4.04.1911-1.12.2000). Keeping the attention of children, even in a short episode learned more in the Theater of Young Spectators (Tsaritsyno Moscow), where she worked after World War II. After the "guests" appeared as early as 16 films and 2 Issue newsreel "Jumble" always great playing charming grandmothers.

Sobolewski (Kapustin) Manefa Vladimirovna (21.02.1920-6.06.1993). In the credits of the film "Guest from the Future" is not specified! Before marriage with actor Peter Stanislavovich Sobolev in 1954 acted under the name of Kapustin. After the "guests" appeared as early as 4 films. Until the end of life has been in the state of the Gorky Film Studio. Her heroines are mostly simple Russian woman in small roles and episodes. So a lot of work on the dubbing and dubbing.

Maria S. Vinogradov (13.06.1922-2.06.1995). It is also not listed in the credits of the film, but, unlike Sobolev MV even filmography on any resource currently does not have a reference to the film "Guest from the Future." Perhaps because of the large amount of work the film simply forgot to consider, because of what has long been known, who was third in the role of an old woman on a bench? It seems that the "third secret of the old woman" solved only on our forum. In 1988, Maria S. Vinogradov received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and before that it was called the "most popular actress of undeserved." Over 55 years working career starred in over 100 films, voiced a huge number of cartoons. Her voice, saying in the Buttermilk Uncle Fyodor, Hedgehog in the Fog, Mowgli.

Конец второй серии To be continued…

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    In 1985, before the screening of the first series in the announcement of the first time I caught a glimpse of Alice. She captivated me from the first second. After the first episode, I wondered: where is it, this ethereal girl? And here, in the second series, it appears ...

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