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Oksana Kompaniets. Mosaic fate

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Оксана Компаниец Among the creators of the film "Guest from the Future" had several stunt . Pirates falling from height and runs across the street on the roof of the car - a group led by Oleg Korytina . Particularly admired by millions of children Alice - a little girl, and so clever! Easily it flies over the fence, boldly jumps out of a third floor window. That is what it means to be a full human development of the future! But titles hinted that without young kaskadёrshi there has not been. It turned out that this fearless Alice - young Oksana Kompaniets - while candidate master. Unfortunately, to date about her almost nothing was known. A few shots of the film with the face blurred images rather cute girl name, information about the status of the sport and all! And so for 30 years! However, just recently we were able to restore justice - we found this extraordinary man of amazing modesty!

- Especially something and nothing to tell, ordinary life - thoughtful answers Oksana phone ringing voice. - That was long ago. Sports. Pictures? Photos are almost no, we do not photographed separately. What is doing now? Artist. Restorer ...

Just two minutes of conversation, I understand that it is necessary to take a pause to his stunned state translate into a set of questions for a completely different story. No interviews, and detailed narrative fragments with inserts a call to in short sentences to convey at least some of the grains of the nature of this interesting personality. We took a pause for a month. Month, during which it has been correspondence, obtaining a permit for photographs of objects, details and reformat my perception of this man. Eventually we phoned again. So I get it. And it is not about how the girl jumped over the fence. He is the person who has committed a very unexpected but surprisingly beautiful turns in his life. Destiny, is closely related to the modern and ancient history of our country. It sounds pompous? No, probably. This is a common life Oksana Kompaniets.

So the story begins. And we start with filling in the gaps in the major biographical data ...

Kompaniets Oksana Ivanovna.

Date of birth: 08/26/1971.

Dad - Kompaniets Ivan - a teacher, he taught philosophy at Agricultural Institute.

Mom - Kompaniets Valentina - engineers, designers, designer, worked in NIIMESKH (Research Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture).

Childhood Oksana - mostly sports and exercise. She studied at the sports school - or rather, in a specialized youth school of Olympic reserve Pushkin Leningrad region , in the department of gymnastics. Incidentally, it is worth noting that to date - for the more than 35-year period - this department has become one of the best not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the country, has prepared more than 20 masters of sports of the USSR and Russia. Oksana Kompaniets was part of the team of Leningrad in gymnastics.

Стадион им. С.М. Кирова, Олимпиада-80 In 1980, Oksana part of a group of gymnasts took part in the opening of the Olympic Games-80. But not in Moscow and Leningrad! Maybe someone from the readers remember that part of the Olympic Games competition was held in 80 other cities of the Soviet Union in Tallinn (start sailing regattas); Kiev, Leningrad and Minsk (pre-game soccer tournament); Mytishchi near Moscow (competition in shooting). So, the opening of the Olympic football tournament in Leningrad was held at the stadium named. SM Kirov .

Торжественное открытие олимпийского футбольного турнира на стадионе им. С.М. Кирова, г. Ленинград. Дата съемки 20 июля 1980 г. Автор съемки Е. Ефремова. ЦГАКФФД СПб. - We drove to Icarus, lived in the hotel - says Oksana - We had to introduce mass: exercise "ball up, the ball down" - that everything was in sync. Long rehearsals. Special costumes were sewn: yellow shirt, yellow skirt. Balls: yellow and green stripes. I remember striped rubber track at the stadium. The sun warmed. And we are with these balls ...

A few words - and that picture was captured from the height of children's growth and childhood, as bright and warm. The Internet is preserved black and white photograph of the moment Oksana helped her find. But the main thing - she shared image from the archive, where all her band! Here is the picture, in the first row, second from the left - and there Oksana Kompaniets in 1980:

Оксана Компаниец в группе художественной гимнастики, участвовавшей в открытии Олимпиады-80 в Ленинграде. (Из личного архива)

- We are very little understood - were the children - yes, we especially do not explain it - the opening of the Olympic Games or just performance.

- Your performance was shown on TV?

- On the TV - do not remember watching, I was not interested. Do - and let us go, began a vacation.

Group gymnasts often traveled cities of the USSR: Kirovograd, Frunze, Moscow. We were in Romania. , Competitions ...

Long or a short, to develop a career in the department Oksana gymnastics, but once in her school appeared stunt team led Oleg Korytina . They rented a gym for training to shoot the film "Guest from the Future." In the same school, they practiced tricks of falling out of windows. When there was a problem to find the understudy is most similar to Natasha Gusev, Oleg Korytin spotted Oksana. More precisely, it was among the three contenders for the role.

- There were three of them, who called. What do they look? Appearance was asked to do something, jump. Well, here, for some parameters it chose me.

Young gymnast one specifically trained stunt skills. It turns out that all she did in the movie - an easy job for an athlete of her level.

Filming with Oksana took summer vacations. In it the Pope at that time was a holiday, so they went to Moscow together. We lived in a hotel for several days, so that even have time to walk around the Botanical Gardens. In each episode required not less than a day, so it was necessary to prepare the equipment, gear, check everything, wait for the right lighting, do a few takes. All led Oleg Korytin he attended while filming stunts.

As you know, in the movie 3 episodes with Oksana: perebeganie to trolleybus, flip jump over the fence back and forth, jump out of the window - only 5 frames (note: "frame" in the film - a segment of the film with a continuous action between the start and stop movie-taking unit):

Пять кадров с Оксаной Компаниец

Похожий кадр был и с Алисой, но он не вошёл в фильм But it turns out there was another shot, which did not get into the final version of the movie! Remember pirates 4 Series runs across the road on top of the car? That is exactly the same - on the roofs of cars - ran across the road and Alice!

- They stood or moved slowly, I do not remember, but it was not particularly napryazhno, - says Oksana. - Why are not included in the film, I do not know.

За троллейбусом видно, что я убегаю. А был другой дубль, где меня вообще не видно за троллейбусом. Помню, что все испугались очень сильно. Мне же сказали, что надо максимально близко перебежать, я так и сделала. Мне сразу и платье это подарили, и тапочки, в которых я бегала, и отпустили. Incidentally, Oksana complains that the episode with trolleybus was chosen the worst double.

- For the trolleybus seen my feet. You can guess that I'm running. And there was another double, which I do not see for the trolleybus. For whatever reasons, he did not choose.

- And before that, there's another scene where Alice just ran to the trolley. Judging by the good running technique - it is also you?

- Yes, both the frame - I am. Remember that all very much afraid, because it came out very naturalistic way: in front of the trolley bus, as required. I also said that we should as close as possible to cross, I did just that. I just gave it and the dress or sundress and sneakers, in which I ran, and released.

Now we can only guess why not get the best take in a movie. Probably, the frame looked so dangerous that it was embarrassing for adults to leave.

- By the way, what happened sundress that you gave? You wore it? You looked at?

- I put in a closet. There, perhaps, lies. It is not for everyday use, cut uncomfortable - some "space".

- A sidewalk during the filming did not block? Judging by the genuine interest of onlookers attended these passers-by.

- I do not know where people are. The driver of a trolley bus was stuntman.

- And to jump over the fence you are specially trained?

- No, not trained. It's all easy to do.

- Interestingly, a jump from the fence is made in the form of reverse shooting. Rather, it is such a small joke creators. But was it a double with the "correct" jump out when you actually jumped on the side?

- No, all takes were in the same direction.

- And how land stunt?

- Depending on the scene. For example, the pirate jump out of the window of the 3rd floor was in the boxes, they have long laid them at the beginning, everything was checked.

- And why in the box? So the scenario was?

- No, they are only used for softness. This is my hedge, and he is without insurance jumped.

- And what about shooting most memorable?

- Remember the director - the person released. He came and sat down, gave instructions left. It was evident that a serious man.

- You talked to the other guys, or actors in the days of filming?

- No. Only once in the bus crossed. I remember this girl Mariana such with pigtails, and "Alice". But especially not communicate.

- Why a bus? There were joint staff?

- Joint staff was not. Probably just went to the same place at the shooting.

- Oksana, tell me, how are your classmates react to what you shoot the film?

- And they did not know.

- As it does not know ??? You did not tell anyone ?!

- No, I do not tell. It was summer. We went, came, and I somehow forgot to think. With classmates in general this issue was not discussed in any way. The sport group, where I was selected, knew no one in the class, in my opinion, did not know.

Continuing sports, O.Kompaniets became Master of Sports in gymnastics. The credit for this Oksana gives his first and only coach - Olga Fedorovna Moss ( mention of which there is here ). It was she who taught easily perform complex elements it is "blessed" in the shooting, under her leadership Oksana became a master of sports.

However, the main specialty of the heroine of our story was a completely different area, and fate has developed quite interesting. After high school she enrolled in the Leningrad Agricultural Institute (now - St. Petersburg State Agrarian University ). "Yeah, so she became Agrar" - think simple reader and makes a mistake! At the Agricultural Institute, she took up the study and cultivation of flowers. Closely watching the plants. Petals, buds, branches ... Looking at the curves of miraculous incarnation of natural harmony, as if she had a presentiment of his beautiful future where it will have to recover Gatchinskye stucco floral designs Architects Rinaldi and Brenna. But before that, the future was still two "maneuver" and many years of study and practice ... And while Oksana had to pass only a pre-graduation practice, the final year of study in the Agricultural Institute. They sent her to pass this practice is not somewhere, and in the Pavlovsk Park, more precisely - in Private Garden Maria Feodorovna.

It is not hard to guess that the group of trees, flower beds and lawns Pavlovsk Park - it is not just agricultural objects and works of art, as well as all the surrounding architecture. Whether this affected the beauty Oksana or innate talent for drawing, his mother passed - probably all together, but Oksana has made a new turn in his career. Instead of continuing research in graduate school, where she was advised to do, she began to study the features of the Palekh masters and iconography at the School of Folk Crafts. And not lost. The ability to quickly emerged, the case went wrong, there was work: the faces on Easter eggs, painted souvenirs. From this period went active interest in painting.

Художник О.Компаниец

And once familiar asked to help in the restoration work on the facade of the Catherine Palace, and a lesson to her too much! Having decided to look deeper into this craft, he entered the St. Petersburg Restoration Professional Lyceum (now St. Petersburg GBPOU "Restoration College" Kirov "") on a specialty "the restorer of molded products." Immediately after graduating from school I began to work in the Museum-Reserve "Gatchina" in the Leningrad region , where by the time the restoration was carried out over 10 years, but the work still remained very much. Oksana worked on the restoration of the famous residence of Russian emperors in the Gatchina Palace: suite of Maria Feodorovna, the Green Corner and others.

Creating artistic elements of the interior - it is very laborious: you must first make a plasticine layout, and looks like it is not quite presentable:

Работа реставратора О.Компаниец в пластилине. Элемент декора. Работа реставратора О.Компаниец в пластилине. Элемент декора. Работа реставратора О.Компаниец в пластилине. Элемент декора.

Then the plaster mold, rough casting, finishing casting, finishing, and now - ready metallic element lattice, relief or statue.

Работа реставратора О.Компаниец. Трилистник и цветок. Работа реставратора О.Компаниец. Работа реставратора О.Компаниец.

Работа реставратора О.Компаниец в пластилине и готовый вариант. Император Октавиан Август. Работа реставратора О.Компаниец в пластилине и готовый вариант. Амур. How to master the modeling, Oksana Kompaniets back to life, or to recreate the many sculpted figures and reliefs of the museum. On the Culture Channel in 2005 was a story on the subject , where Oksana Ivanovna to a brief interview told of a particularly difficult sections of the work: "Save some portion of, say, modeling, and everything else has fallen. And domazyvaesh already on the wall, just to the fact that there is already in the cast. That is not transferred to the clay plaster, and immediately stand and specifically touch 8 hours to the story. "

You, dear readers, could be, ask whether athletic skills in this art? Do not interfere, so to speak, for eight hours a day on your feet under the arches of the ceiling does not stand each. Oksana not only withstood. Feeling the need to expand his artistic education, she enrolled in night school at the Academy of Fine Arts , and even on weekends and taught painting in the children's Art School in Pavlovsk Palace . So: 8:00 restoration of Gatchina, in the evening - the Academy of Arts and at the weekend - classes for children. Teaching at the School of Arts of the Pavlovsk Palace - a special period in the life of Oksana Kompaniets. These were the seven brightest years are remembered not only communication with gifted children, but also with the most interesting museum staff. With unusual warmth Oksana Ivanovna speaks about the creator and head of the School of Fine Arts, which requested to mention in this article, specially ...

Honored Worker of Culture - Evdokia G. Makhrova . У неё было страшное детство со всеми ужасами Великой Отечественной войны: голод, облавы полицаев и немецкий концлагерь, где единственным «осколком» цивилизации был томик сочинений А. С. Пушкина. Чудом уцелев после войны, Евдокия Григорьевна всю себя отдала служению красоте мирной жизни. Более 50 лет она проработала в Государственном музее-заповеднике «Павловск», была его директором, а после выхода на пенсию создала «Школу искусств» при ГМЗ «Павловск», где организовала занятия для школьников, студентов, людей с проблемами слуха и воспитанников детских садов. В школе преподавали не только живопись, но и музыку, проводили экскурсии.

– А Евдокия Григорьевна рассказывала о войне? – интересуюсь я у Оксаны.

– Упоминала по случаю. Ей тяжело это давалось. Ничего интересного в войне нет.

– Оксана, а Вы пишете картины? – спрашиваю я, пытаясь сменить тему.

– Да. Когда работы поменьше, я пишу картины. Стараюсь поддерживать себя в форме.

– Вы их продаёте? Устраиваете выставки?

– Специально не продаю. Это тренировка. Чаще дарю. Что-то у себя дома оставляю. Выставки не устраивала – это своеобразное занятие, которым надо специально заниматься. На всё не хватит рук и времени.

– А нам покажете?

– Пожалуйста:

Картина О.Компаниец Картина О.Компаниец Картина О.Компаниец Картина О.Компаниец

Картина О.Компаниец Картина О.Компаниец Картина О.Компаниец Картина О.Компаниец

– Оксана, а как Вы предпочитаете отдыхать? Смотрите кино? Любите ли фантастику?

– Больше люблю почитать. Сейчас читаю Алексея Толстого. Фантастику не люблю.

– И в детстве не увлекались?

– Нет, не увлекалась.

Вот, такая Оксана Ивановна Компаниец – серьезная, немногословная, страстно увлечённая своим делом. У неё есть семья и дети, но она не привыкла к повышенному вниманию и хотела бы оставить личное пространство без вторжения. А вот о своей работе рассказала всё.

Компаниец Оксана Ивановна. Дата съёмки: 15.04.2015.

Этот снимок сделан на территории частного объекта (по адресу Мойка-73 в С.-Петербурге), реставрацией которого занималась фирма «Зодчие», где Оксана трудится в настоящее время. На полу лежит деталь лепного орнамента, который называется “Реки С.-Петербурга”. Задача Оксаны – художественно соединить части орнамента на потолке в единое целое – была успешно выполнена, и 29 апреля 2015 года работу приняли архитекторы. Пожелаем же Оксане Ивановне дальнейших успехов в создании красот рукотворных и дальнейшего выстраивания удивительной мозаики своей судьбы.


  1. Оксане Ивановне Компаниец за ответы на вопросы и за предоставленные фотографии. Мы также просим у неё прощение за свою навязчивость и за все доставленные хлопоты.
  2. Руководству СДЮШОР г. Пушкин , всем педагогам и лично заместителю директора по учебно-спортивной работе Савчук Владимиру Ильичу за информацию об Оксане Компаниец.
  3. Руководству ООО «Зодчие СПб» www.zodchie1-spb.ru ( Яковчик Иван, Билык Сергей ) за оформление разрешения, организацию посещения и помощь в фотографировании объекта реставрации по адресу г. С.-Петербург, Мойка, 73.

Источники фото, не указанные отдельными ссылками в тексте:

Олимпиада в Ленинграде


Выступление юных гимнасток с мячами на открытии Ленинградской Олимпиады-80


Фотография Собственного садика Марии Федоровны


Ссылку на место учёбы О.Компаниец нашёл Искандер .

Фотосъёмку и переснятие фотографий Оксаны провёл Yndikator3033.

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