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Strange conversation |
2014 June 29, 2014

Strange conversation

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Wonderful TALK

N. Svetlov

And started a vague, strange conversation.
Someone groaned song and guitar tormented,
And the epileptic boy, moron and a thief,
I sneaked out from under the tablecloth knife showed.

Vladimir Vysotsky

Do you know how to provoke the aggression of a schizophrenic?

Very simple. The schizophrenic does not notice the difference between reality and your delusions. Crazy idea always has an internal integrity and logic, sometimes hitting thoroughness, lots of perfectly matched and fitted one under the other parts, leaves the impression of irrefutable truth. But between the idea and the reality is no logical link.

It is not touch a crazy idea, a schizophrenic can be nicest small. Natura typical schizophrenic poetic, driven by ideals and passions. As a rule, a schizophrenic talented. If his talent is recognized, self-esteem - a schizophrenic is happy and your happiness infects others. If not - alone and prone to serious depression. It has a brilliant sense of humor, or does not have it at all - no middle ground. As long as the disease does not destroy his fate, he has many friends, a wide circle of friends, his loved and admired.

But as soon as schizophrenic confidently tell you that is presented to Stanislav of the third degree with the star - beware! Better sincere congratulations as possible and continue to avoid the subject. For if you try to imagine our poor patient evidence that long-Stanislav canceled and instead is now the Order of Honor - the proof will be swept away off, and you will fall into the category of enemies. And this is not a joke: the schizophrenic active, he is ready to fight for his picture of the world in which higher rates of lives.

If you tell him that you see the world differently - it is, maybe it is you forgive. But do not you bring the Lord to insist on your innocence!

And complete: whether in the business you are right? How do you know about the Order of Merit? From books? So in fact I can write a book. Also believe it?

However, it is worth it. That's about it just not worth it.

It was saying. Let's move on to the tale.

As you've probably guessed, I have something to do with the study of mental illness. Actually, I'm not a psychiatrist - I am a future journalist (horror, right?). I am writing a thesis on the topic of lighting the problems of psychiatry. I'm ashamed to admit, Excellent - still murder will not hide, it is immediately evident in the text, - well, then, took the bull by the horns. Read several volumes, like using some of my relations, lectures of luminaries attended a reception - to continue in the same spirit. In short, the diagnosis now guess before they put the professor. Contact wholly.

That's why I know he is not schizophrenic! Ready to swear. Do not believe me - wait for the official survey.

It was in the three-star hotel the station hot sunny morning NN, in the provincial town E. I went from a modest room in his basement, where is the cafe "Lepota" served breakfast buffet for guests. The hotel is settled to the eyeballs, there was no free tables, and I sat down on the corner of the six-seat table, almost already laid for five persons (persons themselves who stood in line for coffee, and who for the pancakes).

Shortly mentioned person took their seats. The four - two pointedly intelligent lady of forty with their cavaliers - a lieutenant colonel in the form of old and not yet a veteran intellectual work in a tracksuit - led a lively conversation. Fifth, glasses, similar to Harry Potter in mature years, was clearly not one of their Addiction - sat and listened with ease. He looked surprised. I would say, shocked.

I usually do not care about other people. I would not pay attention to it, if not annoying detail: a large wooden cross on his chest, hanging on a massive chain - probably gilded. As soon fall to view this decoration as before the mind's eye immediately popped typed the letters gold font Tahoma insulting word "show off".

Subject table talk are not original: discussing Ukraine and Crimea. We discussed, as usual, is alive and emotionally. Political differences among the interviewees was not - all four of them were standing on the same platform. Which is - for our story does not matter. What is more important: the interlocutors demonstrated erudition and reading, discussing the historical roots of the conflict. The roots of these, according to the interlocutors, stretched off into the era of the Scythians and Greek colonies, which I could not agree, but because of poor knowledge of the subject kept quiet.

Thunder suddenly. Potteroobrazny subject, waiting for a moment's pause, gently touched the sleeve of lieutenant colonel and, blinking his eyes, he asked:
- Sir, excuse my curiosity - what do you mean by the Soviet Union?

Lieutenant Colonel, of course, decided that a trick question: Now start for something or against something campaigning.

- I say the State in the territory of Eurasia, established by the Treaty of 1922, guided by the Constitution in 1924, 1936 and 1977 and lasted until the end of 1991. No other subtexts, sir, do not mean - Military conciliatory smile, then he turned to the interlocutor, making it clear that the conversation was over.

The questioner shrugged. His eyebrows rose a small house, and he began to listen more attentively.

- I humbly beg your pardon my curiosity - who will Poroshenko?


- Guilty, guilty, of course, it's none of my business. I allowed myself to submit to the weakness of intrigue entertaining conversation, precisely because of its subject for me an unsolvable mystery. Excuse me again; but if the content of the conversation is not secret, do not take the trouble to satisfy my curiosity in exchange for my sincere appreciation.

If not for this undue cross citizen, by God, it would be very likable person. Something in him was fondly.

- Well, - said the lady, presumably the wife of lieutenant colonel. - Poroshenko - President of the Republic of Ukraine. The inauguration took place a week ago. Forgotten? Or perhaps, in principle, do not look the news?

Citizen glasses completely confused.

- Um ... Why, look, look, here this morning, the Emperor met in the Kremlin with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Baltic Federation. A Governor-General His Excellency Ukrainian autonomy Grand Prince Igor Paton and his esteemed wife had the honor to talk to the third day. Let me introduce myself - Prince Orlov, I. Marlene, the actual state councilor, governor of Kharkiv and Mykolaiv.

Deathly silence.

Here I have to inform the reader that the above tirade was delivered completely without poses, without the very show off. With dignity, yes; but it sounded apology for the possibility of debt service and the right, shaking hands with light Igor Paton, means, most likely of all, devoid of the interlocutors.

The faces of the four companions reflected this minute hard-hitting diagnosis, unanimously delivered the prince eagles.

- Very pleased to meet you, - I forced the colonel. The rest is quickly put on a smile, and, unable to utter a word, nodded as a sign of full solidarity with the words of the military.

The conversation was destined to stop. But it is not stopped, I did not agree with the diagnosis. The clinical picture was not, there was nothing to fear, and a curious situation. And for a novice journalist of my profile - doubly curious. By bringing together all the supplies professional journalistic chutzpah, I decided - picked up the fallen banner of the discussion.

- I. Marlene, you are "Master and Margarita" read it?

- Oh, of course!

- Then I suggest a game, which I invite everyone to visit my room. After breakfast, if you find the time. I think an hour is enough for us.

Looking ahead, we'll let you know what about half an hour I was wrong. Fortunately, I had the day off.

- I. Marlene, imagine that we are foreigners - I rolled his eyes expressively - Curious, then, that here and how.

If I was on his pince-nez, the cows from me anything. And on the business card Sir tracksuit quite appropriate for the situation, a capital W. Gell, however, as much as two, but oh well.

- Well, tell us the history of Russia. Brief. Well, let's say, from the first king. Welcome?

Four, met my first initiative with apparent conviction, yet I was not deprived of any adventure or curiosity, or (alas it!) Desire potrollit. Sir with the letter W graciously nodded:

- Yes Yes. You do not think, no catch, but really, I wonder what history will note episodes include important it is you, the representative of such a high class.

We left the cafe together. Then razoshёlsya people to wash their hands, and after no more than three minutes, we gathered five of them, one of the ladies, it was the wife of Woland, considered unjustified risk.

I write a story I still have. Here, I'll let you know just what I, a layman, it seemed the most interesting.

Before the seventeenth year, almost got away, but three parts. The first - according to the prince expressed with unwavering confidence, Dimitri Feodorovich did not die from epilepsy and not of knives enemies, and asthma. Prince said that witnesses to the incident were so many that this is impossible to doubt the truth; but the fact that the ancestors of the disease called epilepsy (a poor prince often fainted from the attacks of breathlessness) - to blame their level of medical knowledge. No knife was not that well documented. The knife was assigned this story of malicious newsmakers staroboyarskih births that occurred to their interests.

Second - False Dmitry was almost legitimate. Polish dynasty was the greatest at the moment legal rights to the throne, but could not get the necessary political support and therefore put forward a puppet among the Orthodox, composing his legend that guaranteed Russian sympathies. False Dmitry, however, began to abuse power saws, rowdy, for which he paid.

Third - Michael Filaretovich, it turns out, was not an autocrat, and the co-regent of the Polish prince Vladislav. Signed by both monarchs constitutional act shared powers of monarchs along religious lines: Vladislav tsarstovoval of subjects Moscow Catholics, Michael - on the Orthodox. So, Michael received more real power. The document called for inheriting the throne through Vladislav. In addition, it provides for the formation in the distant perspective of a single Russian-Polish state. Without this document, the prince stressed there would be no prospects for the reforms of Peter, Patriarch Nikon and guided by him. The Constitutional Act, according to the prince, still in effect today. Alexis was branded a usurper who violated the order of succession, with the support of the Orthodox. However, he allegedly remained loyal to the remaining provisions of the Constitutional Act.

But the February and the October Revolution was not. Instead, in Istanbul rose and won uprising inspired by the secret services of Boris Sturmer, after which Russia entered into secret negotiations with the Germans. Negotiations have allowed Germany to withdraw large forces from the Russian front, and Russia - formally remain on the side of the Entente. Eventually the war ended in a truce, Russia acquired the straits, and Germany paid the Allies small contribution. Major changes in the world order has not happened, but after the war began a rapid rapprochement between Russia and Germany, culminating in the creation of a confederation from which later grew up the Eurasian Union. Then came the fairy tale in the same spirit. Gagarin, however, flew into space first - the date coincided; but also on the Russian moon visited - though giving the palm to the Americans.

We listened quietly and nodded their heads. Then all warmly thanked the prince, and leaving him bewildered, and quickly dispersed. Polite I. Marlene looked at me, wondering what's next and what do want from him. The idea belonged to talk to me - so I and explained. It was true.

- I. Marlene, this is the case. Now I find myself in a very silly situation because absolutely do not believe in your sincerity, and I do not understand your motives. But I admit (at least formally) reflectivity of the situation. And I intend to proceed from this assumption. That is, I think that you feel in exactly the same silly situation in which I feel myself. Agreed?

The prince nodded - he even left?

Then I measure my modest knowledge, a couple of times zavralsya, explained the discrepancy between his story and the real truth.

- Marlene I. - I concluded - the difference between my version and your lies in the fact that you will not find any confirmation of its release in the environment, and I - as much as necessary. Just turn on the TV! Enter the Internet! Take any textbook library shelves.

The prince shook his head disapprovingly, and I continued:

- And I really, journalist, really interesting thing: your motives. These I can not understand. I would have recognized you mad if I did not, my familiarity with the azah psychiatry. Tell me why, why did you come up with all this? You have something to learn? Studied the psychological reactions to abnormal situations? Or maybe, in fact, you're a writer?

The prince replied:

- I have, young man, to you and to your friends the same question. The more I add, unfortunately, nothing.

Hunching his shoulders, he left the room, muttered: "Forgive generously."

What outcome do you expect? Colonel, kindness itself, called a doctor friend, he uttered God knows what, and dearest Prince with wacky cross on his chest was taken from the room attendants. It is for this reason that I have, citizen sergeant, and tell all. The diagnosis he did not put - there is no doubt. We must somehow to rescue the person. He is not sick, but if you leave him in the lurch - finish badly.

After finishing the story, I have signed the protocol. Whereupon the sergeant completely lost interest in me and forgot to thank, I turned on the TV.

And before I could shut the door area, talking head, which arose on the screen, he said solemnly:

- The Kremlin has just ended has proved extremely productive meeting of the emperor with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Baltic Federation. On the wire, our correspondent in Riga.


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  1. 1 20.07.2014, Bruno :

    Very luckily, History- is not a textbook, with glossy cover! History - a chronicle of real events and postupkov.Avtory as "glossy covers" will pay more, for every word !!! And that for Ukraine, in the Holy Scripture says: "Do not think that the Lord does not see the atrocities attackers, but only delayed to a certain sroka.Po after which remain theirs vyyi twisted into the sky .." Just do not ask me what that means .Poskolku I know only one thing - nothing good !!!

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