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Colleague Prul. The legend of the Pied Piper (fiction story)

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XXVII Congress of the galactic kosmozoologov Vester held on the planet. After the first three days of work for us to take a break, so we could see the sights of the world. Most alien scientists immediately boarded the tour bus, but my friend, a local oceanographer Teng, whom I had already meet, invited me to fly with him to another location.
- Normally, - he said - we do not lead to tourists. But I think you should see this.
We sat in the passenger's intercontinental missile and two hours were on another continent in the northern hemisphere Wester. Taking a flyer, we flew to the desert coast, on which stood a lonely dilapidated tower. The tower was high, which suggests about its industrial nature.
- It's the North Wind Tower - he said. All that remained of the Pied Piper City.
- The Pied Piper? - I asked. - We have in the world there is a legend of the Pied Piper, who rid the city of rats playing the tune. But the townspeople refused to pay him. Then he again took his pipe and has withdrawn from all the children.
- How do you know about it? - Said Tan.
- I say: this is our legend - I said.
- Interesting! - Said Tan. - Many civilizations have similar legends. But the fact that we have it actually happened. In any case, the memory of those events live for centuries ...
We walked to the foot of the tower. Not far from its ancient walls stood a bronze monument: a noble-looking man with an intelligent high forehead held in his raised hand lantern resting on the shoulder of the second boy. Boy trumpeted in a very long tube, dashingly legs apart. The lantern candle burned.
- This man is the Pied Piper - said Tan. - Actually, it was called by his enemies. And children who were his friends and colleagues, he was called by another name. Translated from the ancient dead language it means "leader" or "Commander". But the legend he still came as a Pied Piper. So I'm going to call him.
And Tan told me the legend of the Pied Piper vesterskuyu.

... How then called this city, already no one remembers. And many centuries ago, long before space flight, it was very large and bustling port. It came ships from all oceans and ports, sometimes even such, which the locals had no idea. The city was swept up from the sea, because the bright shining lights - its inhabitants first planet discovered the secret of electricity, with much earlier than it was supposed to be on earth concepts. There has never been even the railways, and the city has watched four sides of the Tower of the Winds - giant windmills that fed the city with electricity. On these towers were installed beacons that were visible far into the ocean constellation of four lights. The city went on the first Vester trams and even had the city sluhoprovod - wired radio. But they build electric vehicles have not learned - too great a dependence on the wind. And the winds in this city enough, and at any moment blew any of the four. Therefore, the city appeared the second name - the Windy City, and the first has been lost.
In the Windy City was conducted brisk trade, port blocks could meet people of all skin colors, known for Vester. Fabulous wealth flowed through the city, settling in the treasury of local merchants and moneylenders. At the edge of the city grew fantastic palaces, dazzling luxury of which was legendary. Flourishing of science and art, and scientists and artists hurried here from around the world. But one day satiety and wealth come to an end.
In the harbor, which was opposite the Tower of the North Wind, once I entered the great ship of unknown country. He was so great that the depth of the harbor proved insufficient for him, and he ran aground. Team it was saved, but no one understood a single word of all their speeches. Moreover, rescuers thought the sailors did not want to be rescued. Then these strange people, and have not learned the local language, who knows where disappeared. The city was excited. A ship stuck on a shoal and blocked the entrance to the harbor. Trade became difficult and fell year-on-year. In the city treasury with all the richness of local sybarites from year to year was not money to work on cleaning the ship. And the city is gradually sinking into the dust and poverty, and only electric lights were added to a semblance of its former glory.
It took several decades. The decline became so obvious that the city fathers decided: to put up with this situation and can not enter the harbor should be released. In the sunken ship were sent to the master to examine him and determine how you can make out the ship. Masters came back very soon. They complained about the chief that they can not help feeling as if the ship is someone who watches them. Then the chief went to work on the ship in a place with masters and down into the hold of the ship. It turned out that "those who follow," were only rats that in the past with the death of the ship while there were multiplied in large numbers. However, it was quite exotic rat and a half to two times larger than usual, and with a clever look suspicious. No wonder the master could not stand this look for yourself. The chief said that nothing special, and ordered to continue to work, and he was going to go on shore to call rat-catchers. However, coming out of the hold, he did not find the boat, which sailed: moorings were peregryzu. Soon he saw a boat in the sea: it has carried out over the shore, and it was up to the top filled with a crowd of rats.
Since the city began the invasion of rats. Their number was beyond description, because no one was sure the same or different is a rat. They were seen in almost all parts of the city. Most of them are protected from the rich palaces and villas, to which ordinary citizens could not always get close. It is among the poorest areas of the city and stormed a rat.
There was no escape from the rat. Pied Piper disillusioned used against them their traps and poison: if the rats were endowed with the human mind and solve everything that they were doing against the people. And they themselves were also too human. When people ate rat could unceremoniously climb up on the table and wait for her to put the food. Or do not wait, and just start gnawing a piece of someone else's. If anyone dared to chase the rat, she bit the man, and he died of a fever.
So were the decade. People used to live and die among rats. They are not even surprised that the rats began to carry not only the food, but even money, wedding rings and other jewels - of course, for those who they were. But trade is not restored. The skeleton of an old ship burned for a long time, but go into the Windy City more foreign ships did not dare to not climbed aboard the rat. Was blocked access to the city and on land - around the city was dug a trench. Now, ships stayed in the roads and shore them flying balloons. With a cargo hook to pick up the ball and flew into the city. But a lot of this method could not carry, so the city continued to sink into poverty. Electric lights eventually went out and sluhoprovod forever silent, because we no longer have the strength and the means to replace peregryzennye rats cables and make new ones.
At that time he lived in a city boy. That he is depicted on the monument. As its full name is not known, because in those days, the poor did not know the full name, and a boy called short - Yu Yu This lived with his parents, who, like everyone else, suffer from rats did not find money for a piece of bread and took out Yew on his anger. Father occasionally gave him a job in the black, and when Yu received for the money, and drank away their wine zverel. This went on until he was a drunken stupor fell from the bridge. Yu's mother wept. Earning there was nothing in the house there was no food, and all around were rats and silent gaze Drilling demanded their share. Women launched their poker. Rats jumped on it and eaten alive. Would have died, and Yu, but he just escaped from an angry pack, taking home his most favorite thing - a real copper pipe, which miraculously carried her father's shop starёvschika. A Copper in the Windy City then worth its weight in gold.
The house where rats killed a man, according to local legend back was dangerous. For this could even be punished. Then Yu became a street musician. He walked the streets and playing his trumpet, and although often it was run, sometimes given to eat and drink. Yu have to sleep where sometimes under the bridge, sometimes in the attic, where there was a warm pipe, or anywhere else. One happened to him a story.
Yu fast asleep, clutching to his chest his inseparable pipe, when he felt that the tube has disappeared. Opening his eyes, he saw that the pipe somewhere dragged two big fat rats. Knowing that attack the rats dangerous, Yu decided to wait until they disappear, and then follow them. The tube was large enough, and Yu decided that the rats will not be able to carry it with rat burrows. Rats prey dragged into the sewer, which could easily jump up and adult. Yu followed them, finding in rats at the hearing, and probluzhdav three hours on the underground, got a rather strange place. There were piled pipes, coils of copper wire, different mechanisms, money and jewelry. It seems that all these years rat dragged a stolen good is here.
But to find a way out of this strange room Yu could not. The doors were firmly locked from the outside. He took his pipe and was about to pick up a few coins, but I heard a rat squeak and quickly disappeared into the underground passage, where safely got out on the street. So Yu returned to his unreliable earnings and about this mysterious case it for a long time nothing more was like.
One day he approached a man who invited him to his home. "Who are you?" - Yu said, "I - piper", - said the man. - "So I called my opponents. Come to me, and you will see everything. "
At the appointed hour, Yu came to visit the man. He saw the Pied Piper sitting at the round table, around which sat the same children as Yu - eight boys and two girls. And all of them were the same as in Yu-voiced brass pipes.
"Hello, Yu," - said one of the boys. "We were looking for you."
"How do you know about me?" - Asked Yu
The boys told him that for a long time noticed it and loved the way he played. But other than that, the rats oddly behaved in his presence. When he played, rats avoided it. Pied Piper picked boys who want to learn this game.
"Perhaps this is the case after" - said Yu and told how he discovered the treasures of rats. Everyone was amazed but Piper. "I knew it must be so," - he said, and took the paper. It was a plan of the city dungeons. "Show us, how do you get" - said the Pied Piper. Yu almost did not remember, but somehow managed to show on the plan an approximate way. "That explains it," - said the Pied Piper. - "You were in the rich part of town, where the road is closed to mere mortals. Behind the walls of their palaces, they were saved from the rats, and then do not know how to negotiate with them. It is they, the owners of palaces and villas, drag the rat our money and belongings. Behind this rich gave rats to plunder the rest of the city, we gave them the right to eat from our tables and kill us with impunity. "
"It should not be!" - Cried Yu - "People need to get rid of the rats!"
"Rats are difficult to drive," - said one girl. - "The rats are cunning, but the worst that the government protects them, not us. After all, with the Windy City no one else sells, and they need to get more and more wealth. That taught rats to pull out our wallets. "
"People are too different" - said the Pied Piper. - "You, the young trumpeter, you can contact anyone not to be afraid. We want you to be for us another friend and helped us overcome the rats. And what would you do after we drove to rats and seized their treasure? "
"What would I do?" - Asked Yu, "I would have done so that the rich could no longer plunder the people so that they give all of their wealth on rebuilding the city, and then to live like ordinary people."
"You come to us", - said the Pied Piper. And he said that many children, even girls, said that after the victory over rats they will buy the biggest ship, or the most beautiful castle or declare themselves the rulers of the city. But these rulers of the city do not need - when they will be no better than rats, because they have become accustomed to think only about themselves and forget about the people. Therefore, the Pied Piper did not take them in the squad. A Yu passed the test and now become one of the trumpeters. He bathed with soap and nourishing fed what Yu never experienced before. It was put to sleep in a large room where all the children lived from the order, in his own hammock. And in the morning he was handed the same as all of them, the suit in which Yu was like a royal pageboy old times. When he began to play on his pipe, all applauding him.
Yu taught boys playing trumpet as well as he did. At first, no one out, but gradually learned everything. During the day they learned to play, and then marched and two girls and one boy were they drummers. And at night they went on the hunt for rats. Rats do not tolerate the sound of trumpets and rushed from her in a panic. The boys drove their pipes rats network and thrown into the sea. Been there, these rats are very bad. That's why they got off the ship by boat rather than by swimming.
More and more children were the Pied Piper in the squad. Strange to say, for some reason, adults did not care. Many of them feared rats. But there were also those who helped them. It happened that on the Pied Piper house rat attacked, hoping the young trumpeters fell asleep, but someone always sounded the alarm, and the rats again fled. Troops patrolled the streets of the Pied Piper, every hour of filling the sound of a trumpet. With great difficulty, but the city began to slowly get rid of rats. And then it happened the most vile. The mayor announced the game on the tube a violation of public peace and presented a long list of complaints, written urban rich. Now, no one doubts that the government in collusion with the rats. The uprising began. And a detachment of the Pied Piper fought side by side with those who rose up against inhumanity powerful and wealthy. But forces were unequal. Rats were afraid the pipes, but the enemy had a gun and a pipe in front of them were powerless. Piper presented an ultimatum: either he stops the fight and leaving the city forever, or his entire squad will be captured and hanged - and no one to see what it had children.
But the Pied Piper could not prevent the death of children. And he agreed to go.
And when he left the Windy City, his whole squad, trumpet, followed him. And by that time there joined almost all the boys in town, and a lot of girls. And the whole city was left without children. The city settled permanently sadness and confusion. Rats nobody else bothered to pillage people's homes. Teachers and students were left without left for foreign countries, so that science and art no one else was doing. The city gradually impoverished, and the day came when his house empty forever. Even the rats have died because they was nothing there, where there were no people.
And when a few centuries the city came to the descendants of those who once escaped from the invasion of rats, they found at the site of the city in ruins. And lonely towers collapsed North Wind ...
Teng paused.
- That's not all - he said. - When the descendants of the inhabitants of the city came back here, they did not revive the city from the ruins. They do not like to remember about the story and about the city of the Pied Piper as became his calling today. But there were those who gave the story to their offspring. Of course, things are embellished ... And that they erected a monument to the Pied Piper. They lit a candle in his lantern. And the name of Yu became a favorite name of our boys.
- I think - I said, - that the people from the ship that got stuck in the harbor, it could be aliens. Another question is why they were under sail, although it also can be attributed to the legend. And hence, too, the rats were recorded from another planet.
- Then why do they attack people if they had a mind? - Said Tan.
- The mind, too, unfortunately, is different. We in the world, even among the people, there are several types of intelligence, completely hostile to life - fascism, the bureaucracy ...
- That's it. Therefore, the rich easier to work with rats than with their fellow citizens the same. Wealth deprived of their humanity. - Tan sighed. - You know, because in the legend does not say where the children are gone for Pied Piper. Do not sailed on the ship and flew in a balloon, and it is gone - but no one ever saw them passed the moat that protected the Windy City in the days of the invasion of rats. Одни считают, что они ушли через подземный ход, известный одному Крысолову. А другие — что они просто ушли в другое измерение. В параллельное пространство. Так, как сегодня уходят в него наши звездолёты… И у нас ещё много лет люди верили, что когда приходят опасные времена, Крысолов и его мальчишки снова вернутся, чтобы протрубить сигнал к бою…
— Всё может быть, — сказал я. — Тэн, я даже мог бы сказать, что ваш Крысолов побывал и у нас на Земле, в России. Это было в эпоху первых полётов в космос… Он тоже не смог победить тех «крыс», которые завладели умами землян в это время. Но мы их всё же сумели прогнать, и его заслуга в этом тоже есть.
Тэн молча пожал мне руку.
Как раз в это время мы увидели, что свеча в фонаре Крысолова гаснет. Откуда-то появился мальчик — почти такой же, как на памятнике. Он взял моток верёвки, сделал петлю и забросил её на фонарь. Затем он влез по этой верёвке и заменил в фонаре свечу. Сняв верёвку, он спрыгнул на землю и подбежал к нам, протягивая мне огарок свечи на память.
- Thanks! — сказал я, взяв огарок. — Я обязательно подарю его своей дочке. Её зовут Алиса. What is your name?
— Ю! — ответил мальчишка, улыбаясь.

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  1. 1 24.10.2012, Belorus :

    Будь у меня ребёнок, непременно прочёл бы ему этот рассказ.
    В нём нет художественной изысканности, но зато есть нечто, что для меня дороже художественности – героический лиризм . Как он напомнил мне моё детство, когда мы мечтали о подвигах!

  2. 2 11.04.2013, Bruno:

    На самом деле Крысолов приходил гораздо раньше первых космических полетов.. А точнее,еще в те времена,когда в воздухе даже и не пахло еще космическими полетами! Он очень подробно объяснил,почему появляются “крысы” и, как этого не допустить.Но,к сожалению,его мало кто понял.И даже сейчас,в наш “просвещенный”век мало кто его понимает.Не потому,что он говорил на инопланетном языке,а просто потому,что для того,чтобы его понять необходимо мыслить категориями несколько иными,чем сквозь призму животных инстинктов.
    Подавляющее большинство людей даже не знает,что в человеческой природе присутствует животно-звериная часть,в лексиконе которого присутствует только одно слово: хочу,хочу,хочу..
    Необходимо удерживать в себе этого “зверя”по имени “я хочу”,все время контролировать его,а кое-кто не только не удерживает,но даже и потакает ему,прислуживает его прихотям и капризам.Становится рабом своего “я хочу”.
    Вот так и появляются “крысы”,вот так и превращались Древние Цивилизации в руины,из-за этих “крыс”.

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