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Girl in white |
2012 October 13, 2012

Girl in white

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Not only in the room, but throughout the house no one but me, was not. And suddenly:

- Hello.

Startled, I accidentally closed the book.

At the entrance to the room I was smiling teenage girl in a white dress, very similar to the coat.

- Hello - she said again, as you can see, just in case.

- Hello ...

Now, and I smiled, knowing her.

- No, no, do not be so. You told me - "you", and I'll - "you." Good?

Standing in front of her post, I nodded. Then again she nodded. Finally recovered:

- Why are you standing? Sit down, sit down, that chair.

- Thank you.

She kept herself quiet quieter, but I did not notice it even a shadow of uncertainty or timidity. Strict ease. That's impressive.

- I'll snyus - she said politely warning tone.

- I know, Alice.

- Do you know?

- Yes, I have so happens - I know I'm in a dream.

- It's good.

And she looked at me with attentive interest, with some looking at a promising child. Unexpected subordination ...

"Well, do not be silent, do not be silent! - I am pushing myself. - And it will take now will disappear. "

- What are you reading?

I handed her the book.

How I live, never yet seen such a concentrated care and respect for the subject to examine.

Carefully put the book down, my guests began to look around.

- I see more? - She nodded toward the bookcase.

- Well, of course.

I opened the door to her glassed.

- Books, books ... - she said softly under his breath, running the backs of beautiful slender fingers. She added something else to me an incomprehensible language.

- ABOUT! But this book has Uncle Alisher! - Suddenly said Alice happily, quite childish.

I did not ask who the uncle Alisher. The fact that I have now seen and heard, I was quite enough for happiness.

- Can? - She touched a finger volume of Lermontov.

"Lord, if you ask, okay? Yes, I must ask you to you all here peretrogala ... "

- Yeah, she is. Leningrad, 1989 ... - shook her head thoughtfully. - What is the antiquity!

Alice watched the book, and I went away to the table and looked at Alice.

Run-beauty does not go beyond itself. "I'm good!" This is interesting just the same - those whose habitat is limited to a purely personal feelings and goals. ALISIN same appearance proclaimed the beauty of life. Passing through the man in me, he left without stopping, then - to the man. And then - even further ... I felt endless.

And so I wanted to bow to this cosmic girl. Or rather - to kiss his hand, which she is now held the door closed all the time norovyaschie ...

Suddenly, Alice jerked her hand. His eyes, already enormous, becoming even more shot at me in bewilderment.

The next moment, we understand each other. Only I, blushing, prayed to his bed, that he had failed me somewhere deeper, and Alice laughed softly, came and touched my sleeve and said:

- Do not be confused. I know that you did not think anything bad.

She shone as an asterisk.

- Venus - she said suddenly, staring over my shoulder.

I turned to the window.

- Yes, Venus. You were there?

- Not yet, but I am sure to visit. Can you imagine - her eyes lit delight - everything fly, even fish!

- Fish? ..

- Yes! Fish, birds, people - all fly! Birds understand human speech. And what color are they - do not pass! The dream of the artist! But insects and predators out there not at all.

- How do you know that?

- Like where? Everybody knows. We visited them - they are with us.

I can easily believe it. In words it was not anything that I would not be in it I really tangible form. If she said that they are still fighting, dying of disease and stuffed door locks ...

- And you have the police or the police?

- We do not have criminals - said Alice so honestly and seriously, that I was annoyed for my clumsy attempt at humor.

- Not at all?

- Absolutely.

- Yes, I can imagine how disappointed we have many loving you.

- Why? Do I look like a criminal?

I looked questioningly.

- Well, if they like me, and we upset the lack of crime, then I'm in their understanding is somehow linked to the crime?

I saw through it - it really did not understand. "How still it is far from us." - "Maybe we are far from it ..." - I remembered.

Alice was waiting for an answer.

- No, of course, a criminal you do not like - I said. - They just believe in your reality, in what you are living, and in an ideal - do not believe. They inhabit your world with the same flaws and imperfections, what they see around them and in themselves. This brings you to them.

Alice raised her eyebrows and pondered.

- But the perfect should not be afraid. It does not happen. - Oh, it was a serious at this moment! - Just have a more perfect that you feel perfect. You are attached to your familiar givens and involuntarily projecting it for the future. Even your wildest imagination still do not change the person per se, but in fact such changes and build a future. You feel sorry to part with your emotions, you think - this is life, and without them nothing will happen. Will be. There are other emotions, the soul will never cease to vibrate. But the frequency of vibration can be so high that it seems that they, vibrations, not at all. Then you and say, "It's boring." It's boring to be right ...

- Not everyone, Alice, I assure you, is not all ... So, and the courts have too, no?

- We have a Sovereign.

- Who? The Emperor?

- Well, - she said, adding the eyes: "How else?"

Heaton, the Emperor ...

- Look at you, Alice, and I think, you're from the future or the past?

- What's the difference? The old man goes back to where the baby comes. I do not like the separation in the time period. I like it when it all together. Then every era clearer and with biggest sense. Here, take a single word in the text: in itself it - one, along with a text - something completely different, right? We must learn to read the Book of Eternity ...

After a pause, she continued:

- The idea of ​​a time machine, among other things - the feeling of the indivisibility of the times. However, people rushed, without waiting until the end of the idea ... It - machine.

- So, there is her car?

- To say that it is not - then do not believe in communication and unity of time. It is not right. But that car, which came up with fiction - not from reality.

- And what then? .. - It seemed to me that I even stopped breathing.

- It is in the mind. Everyone can remember how to change the reality around him, depending on his mood. "Happy hours are not watching" - remember? And they say about some people, "not of this world." Two people can be seemingly near, in the same conditions, but they are for each other - like aliens. Will see and feel completely different, sometimes the opposite ...

- Well, yes, everything is subjective ...

- No, not exactly. Whoever kinder, closer to reality. Love opens your eyes and makes human rights are not subjective, but truly. This is not an allegory, that love works wonders. It really changes a person spiritually and physically opens up new prospects for the existence of new possibilities, previously unknown. It's true! And the time - also recedes in front of her.

"Holy? .." - I hardly had time to think about in confusion, I heard:

- It is a pity that you have done so with the saints.

I'm not exactly jumped and somehow sat up straight all. Yes, to get used to this ...

- As well?

- Oh. Some ignore - "There was something, but not for me", while others revere them so hard that protect from "impure" touches the living reality ... What's worse, I do not know.

- What about you?

- We have? We do not have saints. Water is wet does not happen.

After these words of her I had no choice but to ask whether she writes poetry.

- And you guessed it - Alice laughed. - That I quoted his couplet: "You can not have a wet water. There is no longer infinite. "

- Yes ... And?

- "For too long staring at the stars. Now I will think about myself in the third person. "

I finally could not stand it.

- Alice, how old are you?

Here she is familiar smile with lukavinkoy.

- Fourteen. Yes, that's what. You talked with my friend Lee - that's what the philosopher!

- It is Chinese?

- No, the Chinese were her ancestors.

- She then who?

- None. Simply Lee.

But in the face of Alice, too, have something Asian! Not much, but there is. Why am I just did not notice? Now, when a desk lamp illuminates her side and a little behind ... No, there's definitely something.

- Alice.

- What?

- What are you thinking about? Sadness like ...

- No, not sad. Just in my mind did not go your words about how you believe in me and love, but do not believe in the perfect ... But tell me more - what am I? - The smile left her still sad.

I told her something very little that I was aware of Alice Selezneva. She looked at me, without looking, and all the time while I'm told not asked a single question and made no comments.

When I finished, Alice stood up from his chair and walked to the window, behind which could be seen the dark silhouette of a tree.

- It's oak, you think? - She asked.

- Yes. We planted it themselves.

- It is well ... We also oaks, a lot. Only here there is no trace of the airplane in the sky, and the cars do not interfere with listening to the birds.

Alice turned to face me. She was worried.

- Look, this is important. I've never held in the hands of the blaster and do not even know what it is. I never put on the suit and did not enter the spaceship. But I know what power enables a single motion put to flight a whole army, and I can name the capital of Venus. I have no mielofon, but when I grew up, the thoughts of others will no longer be a mystery to me. I have not traveled in time, but the smile of Christ until my last day will be with me, and chilling, "Sieg Heil!" I also will never forget.

I saw in front of him is not the eye, and what we do not have the name ...

- You aspire to space - that's fine. But to do so, how do you now - still that deep-diving equipment to climb Mount Everest. While you differently do not know how, but soon discover that the Cosmos "iron" does not like. The Earth is only relevant in the world. There - she showed a look at the night sky - everything is different. And in order for you to become the Cosmos native home, you also have to be different. In the meantime, even going beyond the atmosphere conjugate for you with incredible efforts, costs and damage to nature. And for us it is - outing. Walking.

- Walking ... You said - walking. This means - without technology?

- Compared with you we have almost no equipment. If you see something that is, you would have thought you play. "This can not drive or fly! Where the engines? "," Where the horse? "- Said once at the sight of the first cars. You produce energy from rough-material sources, we also do it differently.

- How is it - differently? Location? - I asked, though it has in general guessed that now I hear ...

But I not only heard. Alice pulled up his hands and spread them apart, describing the circle:

- From here. From space. The man knows that when happy.

Looking at her, trying to remember the expression with which she said it, I said:

- Yes, Alice. It's true.

I tried to remember this moment, also because he felt the approach of the end of our conversation. Son was dying.

- You, please, tell us about our conversation, write. Good? Of course, not everyone will believe. Too ... But unlike those who do not believe, just say that I - I exist. This - albeit no doubt.

- Be sure to tell you.

With an effort, energized look, I did not let the smile fade ALISIN though interior room has distinguished bad. So as a child, when I did not want to part with the old coins dreamed passionately loved me, I pinched them tightly in his fist, so they are not left with a dream ...

Here it is again, even in a dream ... When I'm in the eye, as now, behold the future, I'm in some blissful daze feel - do not remember, but I feel it! - Childhood, such as real as suddenly heard fragrance, coming from nowhere. Since becoming a mystic. Adult awareness, descended from the children's carelessness - who believe that this is possible? Only those who've suddenly very slow pace and expand his eyes, staring at one point; the one who smiles loud stories of people looked into the face of death - smiling because he quietly met with immortality.

Thoughts about the future have a taste of the past. The most intimate and exciting, mind-blowing experience, opening old friends suddenly find themselves somewhere out of the sun, flashing in the gaps between the boards of the fence along it when I get back home in the evening; cool or damp, bare feet in the perceived grandfather "booth" - such a large similarity of the hut, which is poured apple ...

"Because of the future from the past, or are you?" - "What is the difference ..."

- Times are united, Alice? - His lips were already moving with difficulty.

- Of course! - She nodded.

- And the space conventionally.

- More like a convention!

And still I wanted to cry ...

But Alice, I believe more than his tears.

- If so, - I said to her, - then we will not leave.

No longer able to resist the inevitable, I let go of a dream ... And in the light of the morning, already here, I hardly heard a child's voice:

- It's good ...

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  1. 1 30.03.2013, Pepelyaev :

    Good story! ambiguous. So often when you want to solve the problem, you think about it at work, at home, in the subway everywhere ... and she even appears in a dream, face it, and in the morning woke up and forgot decision. Your story is true Alisomana, still can not part with the idea to meet her, the dream, the girl from the future, even in sleep, she comes and thinks not standard, not Bulychevski. There remains some innuendo and a little sadness for the disappeared vision.

  2. 2 31.03.2013, Belorus:

    Thank you!
    Yes, indeed, my Alice - not bulychёvskaya. And do not arsenovskaya. I also do not want to be called Alice Belarusians. My Alice - always in the future, always out of reach. No matter how close to us and sympathize with someone's (or your own) ideas about it - they are only an approximation to the present. Ideal subdue their ideas about it - then lose their wings and sky.
    So my Alice - not mine and in general draw. She - always there, where bears have time. What would I have thought I would do, come - her smile and voice calling:
    "Further, higher, lighter .."

  3. 3 04/04/2013, Pepelyaev :

    I just wrote a comment to a single poem that awaits people when the time comes Alice, where I is the end: ... and can not be a dream come true it? Well, let it remain a dream as vivid an asterisk, we will strive, dreaming about it, about one! ... It is suitable for your story.)

  4. 4 07.04.2013, Bruno:

    Heaton, sir, smile Christ .. Overall, gentlemanly set of accessories absolutism. Your story is not Alice, it has only your longing for the Beast

  5. 5 08.04.2013, Belorus:

    Pepelyaev, the bull's-eye! That's what I wanted to say. And this is - my new poem on the forum. Honestly, I was delighted that your comment! Do you understand my Alice ...

    Now Bruno ... I understood everything except the Beast.

    Yes, my story is not your Alice. I wrote about her. And he wrote it from the point of absolutism. Only that I really wonder. Love - so loving! ..

  6. 6, 08.04.2013, Bruno:

    If you vtyureny in absolutism, it is, as they say, your pravo.No then what does Alice? !! You could, just as well, name your character or rat .. Aunt Alice's world and the world of absolutism are absolutely incompatible, and in my opinion, even vrazhdebny.Mir Alice is a utopia, but it is implemented utopiya.Ona can be carried out. At that time, as the absolutism has not shown itself in history nothing but poverty, complete lawlessness and permissiveness of some others, and obscurantism, plague, stiff hypocrisy on the outside and inside sophisticated debauchery !!
    Absolutism is the Beast, the Devil. And as he did with Jesus Christ (which you mentioned), more than pokazatelno.Tak he did with all the true God prorokami.A Zverya- henchmen of the priests and the priests ("holy" hell !!!), so-called "traditional "religiy.A prophets of God coming into the world hit by, first of all, on these" saints ".and the controversy between Jesus and the Pharisees, a vivid example.

  7. 7 09.04.2013, Belorus:

    I find it difficult to respond to you, since I do not quite understand what you mean by absolutism (clear only that something negative). Perhaps if understand it agree with you.

    My absolute - it is an unattainable ideal, a dream that never comes true, but thanks to which there is everything that exists. I call it God, but the word "God" is now too spoiled.

    And the church, I also do not like and your position on this issue fully share. True, swearing in its address also do not approve of - still ugly, rude ...

  8. 8 09.04.2013, Bruno:

    Under absolutism, I mean the absolute monarchy, which manifested itself in history only with the worst storony.Slova "emperor", "smile Christ" and the like that are present in your story, made me think that you may sympathize with the ideology and public строй этой “заразы”.Поскольку Абсолютизм всегда пользовался определенными идеями,понятиями,для поддержания власти и авторитета над людьми,такими как: “богоподобный”государь,мифы о страданиях и мученической смерти “бога” Иисуса Христа и так далее..
    Но так как,вы утверждаете,что под Абсолютизмом подразумеваете недостижимый Идеал,Мечту..То получается,что я просто не понял вас.В таком случае приношу вам свои извинения!! Хотя и в этом вопросе можно с вами поспорить..:)
    А,что касается Церкви,то она заслуживает любых ругательств.За свою лживость!!!

  9. 9 09.04.2013, Belorus :

    Now it is clear.

    Абсолютная Монархия – явление неоднозначное. С одной стороны, нет ничего страшнее самодура или злодея, наделённого абсолютной властью. Но зато с другой, что может быть прекраснее и желательнее Мудреца, имеющего эту власть? Представьте себе высокодуховного человека, стоящего на порядок выше основной массы людей, человека, властвующего не по своей эгоистической прихоти, а по Космическому праву. Его воля – не его, а воля Объективности. И подчинение такому Правителю есть подчинение самой Жизни, Богу.

    Я верю в реальность такого Правителя. Верю потому, что верю в духовную эволюцию человечества, в то, что в конце концов мы усовершенствуемся до права иметь такого Главу. Вот о таком времени я и говорю в рассказе.

    А вообще-то, нашему спору больше подобает быть на форуме, чем здесь. Поэтому я, скорее всего, не буду больше возражать Вам.

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