2011 August 22, 2011

Yuri Entin: History of a song

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August 21, Yuri Entin turned 76 years old.
Our visitor boojums shared scans of rare books given to him by the poet himself. In addition to poems in it have an interesting history of the song "Beautiful far."

entin2005_1.jpg entin2005_0.jpg entin2005_2.jpg
entin2005_3.jpg entin2005_4.jpg entin2005_5.jpg

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  1. 1 23.08.2011, Sovyonok:

    Thank you, great! Here's what's interesting - what about those two lines I have always also had exactly the same view as that of the author. But it was not committed to express it until I read it.

  2. 2 24.08.2011, Boojum:

    It says more about the fact that the poet honor not only to readers, but first and foremost to himself. And it's great!

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