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Sotov: Interview with Tatiana Daskovsky

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Interview with Tatiana Daskovsky! (He lives in Nuremberg, Germany)

Sotov (W)
Tatiana Daskovsky (T)

- W: The first question is, how do you feel about the film "Guest from the Future" and specifically to the song that you sang?

T: I'm good for this film, very good, and the music is just wonderful.
See how many generations already, not that her upbringing, but it is very well received, because it is very moving, good writing, literate song composer ... Good, good words, it is clear about anything, so I'm very good to her attitude.

- W: Tell me, how to write a song?

T: At first, the girl tried to write one, I do not remember her last name, she is from my choir Popov. The girl, a teenager, she was probably 13 years old.
It is well recorded because it is in general, the image of the girl, the heroine played by Natasha Guseva - Alice. But then when you play this record
it turned out that she was not satisfied for whatever reasons, Producer, Arsenova and then winged, I have a lot of work with him and recorded (this is not my first film was, I worked at Mosfilm and thumbnail), he asked me, and we are fast enough to him it is all written down.
Here's a story was ...

C: Tell me, what is your attitude to the situation in contemporary Russian children's movies?

T: I always to it very well treated. Children's cinema again resumed, the first film made "Thumbelina", huh?

W: I honestly do not know.

T: I think "Thumbelina." More even in my opinion are filming at Mosfilm. And before that it was such a big production, I worked there for a thumbnail.
It was issued in the year a lot of films for children. So I think we need to take and children certainly, be sure to shoot with good music!
That has passed since the film how many years? After all, it was in '89, right? But still sing, with different ages, this song. With great pleasure and a choir sings, and separately singing soloists, and right!
At any age should have their songs. From my point of view it is not very correct, when adult children sing songs, and do you think?

W: I totally agree with you!

T: They must have some kind of a repertoire, touching any. Well, when the Professional composers write for children, who understand this. Here is the song "Beautiful far", and it is interesting to children, and adults too, at one time, and adults who are very sensitive to this song relate and were touched. It is not pronounced children's song, but such a plan and you need to write a song, is not it? Here's how to write "Winged swing" at the time, her singing and children and adults with great pleasure.

- W: Another question, whether in your repertoire of songs David Tukhmanov?

T: I is recorded songs on the radio or television, is not it? I do not have to, though I know very well and has been such a project, but unfortunately did not happen.
But we know ... With so many composers worked. It is "the Bureau of Propaganda of Soviet music" in Moscow, once there is such an organization, and I worked with almost all the publishing, I have and it's not the only film like this. But David did not have Tukhmanov unfortunately.

- W: In an interview, not Entin, not Krylatov said that the film was planned to write some songs. Not if you remember how it happened,
indeed it planned to write more songs than "Beautiful far"?

T: You know, as far as I remember, a long time I really saw this film, there is music.

H: Music is there, but there is only one song.

T: Well, obviously, I think (I'm not mistaken, Paul Arsenov made this film? H: Yes), in general, it has been done correctly, the film is not a musical per se. A lot of music, there are a lot of songs in the musical film, and this film, it's so touching and adventure and a fantastic character and there are wonderful. Here I expect that they decided to leave it, so to speak, on her face like, the image, as it is the main character and the girl is very good. Well, I think that's why did not write a lot of music generally - is a musical film. This film can not be called and the music ...
Here you notice, there are 4 or 5 of my series, and each series of sounds the melody.

W: Yeah, this tune sounds in different variations ...

T: So I think that the film is about this girl here, it is called "Guest from the Future", and therefore left the same topic.

- W: Tell me, do you support is now more communication with someone from participating in making the film?

T: Of course! Firstly, I support the relationship with Evgeny Pavlovich Krylatov, we have big, big friends. Not just friends, and friends, we worked a lot of years, we went on tour across the Soviet Union, and how I am in Moscow, I will meet a call up.
Not only must say to him on the phone talking with Yuri Entin, because we worked with him, and not on a single film.
Remember this was a movie, you can not know, "dot, dot comma"?

W: I did, probably just not found.

T: Well, support, and as artists, we are on one of the television broadcasting met with Natasha Guseva, she was a little grown up, I think it was, yes ... I do not remember what it was for the transfer, but we were there and one call we are only, in fact, there and met up with her, and so all this is a little different. But it happens that the actor vstrechetsya with the singer, who voiced his and I had such a meeting in my life, but had a good relationship with Arsenova, we are still faced with him on the film in one or maybe even two. But I do remember one ...
Or maybe not ... I forgot! Just I can not remember.

- W: Another question, how much has changed your destiny and change it even after the resounding success of the film?

T: But you know, that's specifically about the film or not. Somehow we had not previously decided to write it in the credits, so long remained a mystery to all, who is actually singing. Even I was such a case, you should be funny to say that Gennady Gladkov, a very well-known composer, he has written for children and his wonderful films. Have you seen "The Formula of Love"?

W: Yes, of course!

T: The famous music and so on ... We had a lot of years of work, and he certainly knows me very well, and when he needed for his film voice ... "One, two - the mountain does not matter," I think it was a movie, or ... I already began to forget! Well, in general, for the film it took him to voice Firebird Krylatov and he called and said, "Who are you, you have such a wonderful girl there recorded! I want it I have also written down! "So he I never knew, and as before is not accepted to write in the credits, so nobody knew what the song was recording me ... Later, it has been a long time, there are ten years, fifteen years, began to mention. So I did this as they say ... Popularity at least I did not bring.
But I was, as you say, popular in other films and I even have my album. But, at least in the circles of musicians with whom I have worked
and at Mosfilm (I have a great relationship) and Art. Gorky and in general, there are even other studios, well, I know, I remember, was invited ...
I sounded the way more than 200 movies, and wrote in the credits at the time, those were the times, written in five films. Only five of the more than two hundred more!

W: What injustice!

T: By the way, I think so too. So, I have even had musicals in which now - inside and out, called. It not just met there one song, and musical films, which also did not consider it necessary, in order not to spoil the image of the actress. Such are the times were. But, the truth, once and warned to make no mistake.

- W: Tell me, because of the song "Lilac ball" you sang?

T: Yes, I am!

H: Well, you mean where they met with Paul Arsenov!

T: Yes, yes, yes! It is true, of course it was the continuation and "Purple ball", yes, yes of course! It is true. "Though glazochkom look like ..."
Yes Yes Yes.

- W: In the original performance of the song is sung, "not in the edge of paradise ..."

T: It was right in the movie, then I do not know probably for ideological reasons have changed. They began to perform "miraculous edge ...", not to say "not in paradise." By the way, if you will read the entire verse it is somewhat different, it is "not in paradise ..."!

W: I have the original, only sung in the original "no paradise ..."

T: Yes!

H: After all, as in the following versions sung "in a wonderful ..."

T: So we have decided, probably!

C: You do not know who decided so?

T: Well, I think that the leadership which took the film.

W: In the film, a sung "not in paradise ..."

T: In the film, sung "not in paradise ...". That this is so has passed, then the choir sang (Big Children's Choir - approx. Ed.), Yet there is someone to sing and decided to change the word, because it was then eighty-eighth, even the Communist Party was ... However, I later concerts still singing "is not in paradise ...". I went after a concert with Krylatov and not only this song, there was a lot of ...

- W: Say You sing a song?

T: Yes, when I came here, we organized a ... Well, we - people, as it related to the Art ... We had to somehow adapt ...
We have organized a club in Gemaynshaftskhauze (Gemeinschafthaus = house of assembly), it is here in Nuremberg Gemaynshaftskhauz, 450 years old, with a beautiful room equipment excellent, and matched group director, screenwriter, lighting, musicians, professional and we called the group "Gezang" (Gesang = singing), we then added readers. That is, it is not just a compilation concert, pop, and this makes the program, the whole program.
For example, the New Year's program ... wrote the script, and then here comes the overture, the director works with the performers ...
Well, it still exists, thank God! Here in the district know come. Every year we give three concerts mandatory, Gemaynshaftskhauze this summer ... As professional artists.

- X: This indelicate question, but why did you move to Germany?

T: I went in very hard times, it was the ninety-ninth year, with ninety-six ninety-ninth year there was no work at all no, complete lack of demand, and with this I am very destitute, because all my family is musical, you know, I have a daughter adult who finished Gnessin Academy. And as a musician, there was no future. And we are particularly misery three years, trying to find a job, worked there in the market where only not working. Well, that's maybe a temper of course, but maybe do not know how, but we left. Then it seemed that prospects have no not one! But maybe it is not ...

W: Why is it the same story!

T: Well, yes! Well, now, so to speak, I think that the train left, I think so, but you know I stayed there for a very good relationship and we meet at Mosfilm. Who goes there some sort of work, everything is renewed. It's also been times when the music was not necessary, low-budget movies and music were not there at all, and it was my main job! And I worked with seventy-two of the ninety-sixth is in '24 at the studio.

- W: Do you believe in the good fortune of our cinema that it will revive?

T: Well, why, and now there are just movies, what you ... Maybe they are in a different genre, so to speak chamber movies, but there are also very good. In my Lugina Paul, "The Island" with Peter Mamonov very famous in the title role. Wonderful movie. Just a wonderful movie. Yes, of course, I believe in a different way and can not be! It is a pity that generation is here these 15 years, threw out the life Krylatov and masters know that have been associated with film music. People are getting older, energy, and not the other ... It is a pity, of course, then me, then I'm there, I studied all my life. That's when I came in the seventy-second year and the years learned to be a singer narration, because it is a profession. It is a profession you come, there raspelsya, of course, but before you put the notes and you have to do it once in almost a microphone. One more rehearsal and recording. I am an conductor-choir singers, though I've never worked dirizhёrom- choir singers, but the education and the know how to read from a sheet (notes - approx. Ed.). There's no time for learning and training, and so on ...
One rehearsal, you listen, there usually goes overlay, first recorded artists, and then impose a singer's voice. It is normal that practice.
Well, you stand in these headphones have a microphone and you must do it fast, there is no time that you sang there or something. Therefore, it is a profession, it can not do everyone, not everyone ... This learning. There was also a great team, from which, unfortunately, is now empty. Because there was a complete lack of demand, and it was not not need anyone ... Maybe that's why, at the moment ... Well, of course, grow up there other poduchatsya ... There are, of course, new people ... But it is a pity that dispersed out of the blue, people, professional in this case! I'm sorry!
I also got into this meat grinder. Hard times were, and it is a pity because it was my life! I like it very much!
But you do not want so, on a sad note ...

- W: Yes, sad to finish is not necessary, it is not good ... Thank you very much!

T: Oh, Lord, for God's sake! Call Dima, if you need anything, you may need to find somehow Krylatov, I can bring you!

- W: Thank you! And, as a final note, all huge, enormous thank you for what you so brilliantly sang this amazing song for your
divine voice!

T: Thank Dima! And thank you! Thank you very much, that you remember me!

W: Thank you very much!

T: Thank you very much too! All the best!

H: Goodbye!

See. As a New Year gift from Daskovsky.
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  1. 1 13.11.2006, Izbor:

    Thank you very much for the interview and Camarda Daskovsky Tatiana Zotov.
    it was interesting to me.
    Sure - and many of those readers who can not leave comments, because it is not registered - too.

    Tatiana wish all that may wish to imagine such a man as it is.
    let it come to pass, and soon.

  2. 2 13.11.2006, Odinochka:

    Join us!

  3. 3 13.11.2006, Sven:

    Zotov done (rather ne Camarda as written Izbor :-))! Gut gemaht

  4. 4 15.11.2006, Falcon:

    Great interview! I read with great interest. I propose to appoint Herr Zotov Plenipotentiary country Romantics John Doychlyand yes! Who for?

    ZY Thank Sotov'u course and Tatiana!

  5. 5 15.11.2006, Sotov:

    Thank you all !!
    Plenipotentiaries, having fun !! :)
    That's just not Herr (which is more like a general proiznosittsya Herr 😉)! Before Mr. I have not grown !!

  6. 6 05.12.2012, sygsky:

    The usual excuse of creative individuals, "may temper of course, but maybe do not know how, but we have left." Today, however, she was too old to be adequate and even responsible for their actions. Thanks to the Soviet government, which taught her to sing and requested to perform beautiful songs. But, alas, I could not learn to be a man, to think not only about themselves. Unfortunately, creativity is difficult for combination with high morals. For women it is still worse. I approve these conclusions every time I read about the fate of the Bohemians.

  7. 7 07.12.2012, Belorus:

    Sygsky, you, perhaps, rather tartly put it, but in many ways is still right. When I heard the voice of my favorite songs of living in Germany, I was sad ... for nothing left.

    Question to the administration of the site: why an interview published in such a strange way? I mean a lot of errors. Even it was hard to read.

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