Once, in the late 80s there were video salon. The closer we look smoky areas in the color spots on a small screen. Then you can "feel" the difference going to the video room at the Exhibition Center, where the cozy hall stood achievement of Soviet art in the form of a projection TV, which was not far from the advertising video recorder BM-12 Yarmolnik. It is in this zalchike could see the Japanese cartoon "Ghost Ship" .Because on the channel 2x2 in 1992 appeared series "Macron-1 ?, followed by" Voltran ".and only in the last few years for us to become familiar with the term" anime " that, in fact, are the above-mentioned things.

Anime can love or hate, watch or reject. But everyone knows about anime. Unfortunately, as in any genre exists as a highly artistic products, and Base "stamping". And we would like used in this section to talk about the most notable representatives of this genre.


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