Here you can find a variety of videos, how to collect us and miraculously found in someone's arhivah.K at the opening of the website we have placed there only the most necessary. Everything else will be posted in due course.

Video interview with VE Lind November 3, 2005

  • Here is a video version of the interview, which we took from the director's assistant Faith Evgenyavna Lind on our and our visitors.

"Dangerous nonsense"

  • The short film, created by order of the traffic police, which debuted Natalia Guseva (Murashkevich).

Videoprivetsvie Anton Sukhoverko

  • Anton is very interesting to say about the creators of the film, and wanted something to us. And also gave a couple of recommendations (8.04 MB).

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  1. 1 2/19/2014, Bruno :

    "Dangerous nonsense" cool film.Tak simple and uncomplicated narrated in it about things simple and not very vazhnyh.Po my opinion, even the most stupid seeing this film will understand what not to do on the road to avoid the mashinu.Ili not create emergency.

  2. 2 12.08.2014, Sergei Kyznetsov:

    Nevertheless, the accident repeated.

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