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Telefilm "Guest from the Future" on the novel by Kir Bulychev "One Hundred Years Ahead" was released on the screens of the country March 25, 1985. And since then, Soviet children in a new era.
We're not talking about the main character Alice, played by Natalia Guseva (Murashkevich) - in it in the second half of the 80 were in love almost all the boys Soyuza.I when in March this year was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the film's release, for him in Moscow was attended by people not only from all remote corners of our country, but also from other countries.

Actually, the authors of this project, and met on the basis of a common love for the film "Guest from the Future." Therefore, the materials of it we begin this resource.


In the near future will appear the materials from which you will learn:

* How is the selection for the role, the actor-children;
* Like Natalia Guseva became Alice;
* E-mail addresses to which it then they sent the letter;
* See the short film "Dangerous nonsense" , which has long been considered irretrievably lost, and whose acting career began Natalia Guseva;
* Where in fact there is a basement with a time machine;
* Made as a visual effects when you move in time;
* How to fly flips and even see a working model of one of them;
* How the shot blasters and burned Werther;
* Where in fact there is a house Coley;
* How to jump over the fence, having no art;
* That, in the end, it was the children who played six students "B" class "ordinary Moscow school"
* And much, much, much, much more.

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