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  1. 1 11.02.2014, oleg260163:

    Hello friends! Write your members "Natalia Murashkevich (Gusev) and her friends.". Please, if you have the ability and desire to convey our message of congratulations Natashe.Esli you put our greeting cards and host we will be very rady.Vozmozhno will be made if the new congratulations we send them further vam.Nashi cards are placed in the main designated theme group "Congratulations to Natasha!" and congratulations to the photo album "Congratulations to Natasha!". Post to your site, we have already sent.
    The text of our congratulations Natasha.
    Natalia congratulate you on your birthday and wish you, your family, all you who are near and dear to success, health, happiness, love! Let Joy, Happiness, Love, Light and Heat will always be with you.We your friends and girlfriends always remember You are always welcome to be with Vami.Radost and light you bring to people, delights us with her smile, her warmth, her light up our world svetom.Bolshoe thank you for what you have!
    Your friends and friends from the group "" Natalia Murashkevich (Gusev) and her friends. ". (" Classmates ").
    Briefly about our group.
    Terms and purpose of such and such a group "Association of friends and friends of Natalia Murashkevich (Guseva) .Nravstvennaya basis, to help people, friendship, good, kollektivizm.Oskorbleniya people disrespect to the people, swearing not dopuskayutsya.Gruppa open (for the period of training the group was temporarily closed .). In the main, there is an introductory theme designated for guidance statya.Tam can learn about the structure of the page group on the project, which is proposed by members of the group. ". The band recently after preparation was otkryta.Predlagaem you establish between us svyaz.Mozhno share information, links rabotami.dumaem, it's a good thing, to the delight and benefit of the people, friends and friend Natasha, to the delight and benefit nam.Zhelaem you success in the work of your website, wish you welcome your horoshego.Budem pismam.Schastlivo.
    Group "Natalia Murashkevich (Gusev) and her friends.".
    About link to our group in the "Classmates" can learn from me.

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