2014 December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

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Dear friends!
So I passed another year. Year in general and horses in particular.
Maybe we're wrong it met last time - was not in the clothes or eating the wrong food, but, along with the joys, there were some difficulties.
The weather is not always pleasing, transportation does not always go smoothly. What else? Well, something else which is not quite perfectly turned out.
But on the whole earth turned around one more time around the Sun, which means that we have become even closer to the future and to the dream.
After all, everyone has a dream, right? For someone it is linked to the coming months, someone has followed for decades, and nothing will prevent us continue to dream, to believe in a better and, most importantly, to seek a better life for themselves, their loved ones and, eventually, for all us together.

So let's meet the upcoming 2015 correct the year, to goat was not offended.
Well, as much as possible we will do it right in the next year - maybe it is more important?
Whatever complex nowadays, and it is interesting to us! Hundreds of generations dreamed of living in the 21st century, and we are already living in it. And since we live in this century, then it is ours.
So this time we could handle, and we'll get to win and your dreams!
Happiness all in the new year, success and fulfillment of all desires!

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