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2014 June 15, 2014


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"If the sharp word
Brave emotions thaw
Friendship offer - get
Bribe-Peter the Apostle.

Verbs break limbs,
A comma - comets!
Vyklyanchennymi coins -
Pale face with a halo.

Pallor - is not required!
God also says absolutely not:
Today lighter akathist,
Tomorrow - dark and obscenely.

Hear minusofobiya,
Heaven from Heaven defender? -
The nonsense of atheism is sought
True likeness!

Someone rushed for the advantage,
Sadly gazing followed suit him
Clearly until the last,
Apologists minus ...

At Nola Space
Pluses and minuses - a beacon.
Nowhere to be torn and there is no need
Have become electricity.

Electricity RENDERED
Most ordinary -
Alone with the universe
Hearing: "Your Majesty ..."


"Right to left identity -
Hands and feet glyadenie -
This is rescuing
God of misery? ..

Do not warm the sermon
Without Jesus and St. Sergius.
What is that energy?
A Hiroshima? - Also, you know.

A sword forged for protection -
Accursed hand profane,
He did not hesitate, polished
Equals On both sides.

Subtle, elegant, cool,
He is without love - the one throwing
The torture and death of his comrades -
Not a bit not hungry.

We would be dusty plane
Dead skeleton Round,
If not for the Eye Preostroe
Over a two-edged!

It builds temples Severity
Solar viroyu Mine.
Secrets of the nebula shine
The origin of conscience.

Vengeful Eternity captive:
Napping with her on the bench -
It will be zero. Only small.
Down his universe. "

* * * * *

Time is money. The space - billiards.
Every man for himself. Mad,
Life yet - here, but not the whole,
And one only semimilliardnaya.

Where poetry where poetry is not? -
Run-of discord.
So just ever asked
Where was Hannover, where Indonesia ...

So just like in the Sky
Bow down in prayer sad
For disappeared in the other direction
For fun broom polytheism.

* * * * *


Dates will come - and now rechёnnoe
Implement in full:
Warm slice of blue above the clouds
In ahnuvshey waking - It!

Now the world is not terrible - it is decorated
Paroyu blue lights.
Just where in the view of our not -
Our tear her? ..

How to knock out of the zealous joy
Undefeated sadness
Guests from the past, uninvited guest -
I retell not say.

Is that - dreams about not encountered, the former
Yes nonsense question,
The impossible, the inevitable:
"This is it, or not? .."

As a navigator with the border below the cape,
It looks from the planet.
In the sky calling secret - Alice -
The mystery at all times.

* * * * *

FROM Beautiful far

There is nothing but distance.
My voice is no longer compressed.
You would not recognize me,
Even learning. I straightened.

World awkward and cramped -
It is not our power.
Conqueror of the Abyss,
Undies - thanks!

In full heart, as
Enough hot knocking,
I will praise the Fatherland! - Only
Do not shell, and spirit.

It is not necessary to pretend,
If not closed the equator.
Thank escaped from hell
Crouched lie metaphors!

I'm not a fairy tale - were from.
If only you resist ...
If only you do not forget -
There is nothing but distance.

* * * * *


If the head - up, it is possible
Do not come back. That's what the Motherland!
Patriot be so anxious.
Patriot Total - especially.

I was born in the blue expanse,
Indiscriminately embraces all.
How do I call him a son,
If I do not the brothers comrades? ..

I recognize myself in the millions.
I declare with all seriousness:
I dream to march in columns,
Shaken by his overwhelming.

Oh, what a fresh breeze -
Suddenly seen in a unity
Contours in itself same
Drowned of privacy!

* * * * *


Crumble into dust road
In the sky, which is not.
Lord God, you throw it away
Budёnnovki and Cultural enlightenment.

To pray, burn incense and grieve
Leaving the heavy flesh,
For the first time in twenty centuries
He sighed with relief Lord.

* * * * *


I remember a time the lie of the persecuted -
When there is no money, and Fatherland.
Or when a portrait of his beloved,
And the portrait - Mankind.

Another thing I remember - it was alo
Everywhere, the sky our Commandment
Twice a day, I repeat,
Two - in the east and the west.

I remember you as you loved
Nonmarketability and fire,
What contempt executed
Isis inauthenticity -

The one that returned back door,
Taught dance hobbled
And embrace the firmament
Not at all, but as it should be.

And even in the most-sighted,
Sacred Battle neotvyazchivo
Her hand touched your
On the flagstaff hot.

With the consent of its broadcasts,
What we are left to suffer it
Very insignificant little -
Some two decades ...

And you went out. So cheaper
The fight in speculation, where the truth
And how is it that anciently
The war for the truth so ambiguous.


And the light, and woe whistleblowers:
With the increased luminosity of the soul -
Paradise tomorrow, so keep your teeth
Steel vise infallibility.

And life - not steel, and a pupil
Vsedostigayuschey aimlessly!
It is not true is not afraid of the truth,
She is afraid - Infinity:

No do not come from the rear or the side
(There would have Okolitsa Eternity!)
And the smile of little use,
And sing along to it - just a shame.

Not from these poor songs
Flowers and touch the stars.
The world's great because,
What possessed by self-immolation!

Because he does not know falsehood
And the evil that everything shown here -
Only his shadow, and he - on,
Where everything and everyone ordered.

No tension in the disorder,
Without the extent of time
Let him stay in his eyes
Burning ball in a pine crown

Half drowned.
As a child in scarlet, they worshiped him -
He does not shoot the last day
And it is not within the jurisdiction of the coming day.

* * * * *


Your not like mine.
But deep in the depths -
The voice itself,
The one that all one.

As you may become to me,
Seeker in the bottom of the sky -
Even back to back -
We see you one.

How many pages are always
In the book, read by that?
How many people in the world,
So many roads. One.

* * * * *


Fourty years. I am a student again:
Leaning over the table,
I deduce pencil
Stranger - triangle.

Among light lit night.
You ottoman creaking sigh ...
Amazing, my dear,
I dream of unraveling.

Oceans upside down -
Overture. The rest -
If we with you three.
That is, two, but - the three of us!

Wings - two in this world.
Day - night out, night - of the day.
Inhaling and exhaling. You and me.
I do not know who he is third.

Do not like the answer
Neither the child nor rival.
Yes, and I - not Copernicus
And it is not a prophetic Archimedes.

The mystery of the hand takes.
Through the kitchen baking with the spirit,
Across the yard, through the snow
Foot - to the gate.

What looked lesson
Physical Education theorem?
Step, and that's - those spruce
Parted ceiling ...

And decided. And come together.
Who says it's bad -
Death? Without a breath and -
Inhaling and exhaling, but apart!


And I would have stayed under the roof -
And guessing would still be,
Not a bullet at close range
Vertical bisector.

* * * * *

And while all the stricter and stricter.
And the fact that yesterday was forgiven,
Today it does not seem
In a weak sample pen.

We've been able to do. We are growing up.
That's just the chalet from the stars,
We do not see how they all right
Look like droplets of tears ...

* * * * *


I'll go and lie down under the sky
Bird, miraculously flown away.
I have long ceased to love the paper -
Brief century yellowed leaves.

I've seen all the faces of hell -
But he did not flinch. As the sky I am clean.
I have such need of amazement,
For that and marble - leaves.

When so many left behind,
What's forgotten how to look anxious,
Only in the Big Blue Notebooks
Read and write possible.

* * * * *

ALMOST atheist

The image - is the border.
Voice - is impermanent.
Name - the ground is suitable.
Higher than Someone - something!

Nope crown at all.
Down in flames idol! -
Let it not stagnation More
Something that no one saw.

* * * * *


Poetry - the call of the horizon! Poems -
Just footprints behind him.


Look and listen - that's all.
And about poetry - forget it. How about breathing.


Of those who do not just poetry
Sam becomes a poem ...


Hoopoe shouts - colder, right.
Cry neighbors - nothing.


Childhood is gone. It is in you
Waiting for when you come back to the fold.


If you write every time saying goodbye,
Maybe eternal exit ...


How do you know Mighty fly?
Gait - solid and reliable.


Out of the light of the world -
Only this, nedoslushanny.


Not for anything but the Eternal.
Through anything other than corruption.


During the conversation with Life
He died - and did not notice.


"To know or believe?" - "Do not labor to bring forth in vain.
Path to Infinity - flesh or spirit? "


Therefore, do not hear applause -
He Where it yet.


You are a poet? And you'd been able to shut up,
If it has returned all Sky?


Moment and the age at the entrance to the heart
Slopes faces. Twin brothers.


Silence? Oh no! - His father's mandate
The ability to be able to speak.


Is - death? Maybe the voice of Eternity
Behind the hearing to a standstill?


Iambic sleeping dream steps
Rising Path obscurity.


The fourth in a row, "mate"
Bozhilas love him all the soul-ounces ...


Died used everything from snails to the stars,
If indeed someone had died.

* * * * *


(The story of a veteran)

He did not like to shoot bursts,
Littering the words and listen to with half an ear.
Like steel feathered arrows,
He had sent for the lead of the enemy bodies.

It is my task to torment asked:
Persons not distorted rage.
As if it is addressed
This - I do not know, but not to those who fell.

Not for the sake of death and not for the sake of revenge,
But every shot - as a blow to the scaffold.
And looking around in a superstitious fear
Running on us, looking behind us.

The cartridge to cartridge strictly. And so
Serious has been the cause,
That even in the sky fallen Berlin
He did not palil and only smiled.

The calm eye fatigue touched
From hatred and glee.
He took aim, and at the very moment of farewell.
Unbegun fury - ends.

* * * * *


Nothing is more inspiring withdraw
waiting for their sole,
like a bottomless diversity
female beauty.

Nothing raises the price
the feeling of love,
as the fearlessness of loneliness.

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