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The new role Natalia Murashkevich |
2009 April 6, 2009

The new role Natalia Murashkevich

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lit0.jpg Today saw the light of another study in which participated Natalia Murashkevich.
On the television screens on the NTV channel out the film "Face" of the TV series "The Foundry, 4".
At this time the role was brief - TV presenter, helping the investigation.
The shooting took place in the summer of 2008. Natalia appears in three video sequences. In articulating the role she did not participate, so the voice of "unknown".

Thus, in the treasury of the filmography of actress Natasha Guseva now added one more point:
The series "Foundry, 4" series "Face": 2008.

Here are three movie:

Download in original quality: * .mpg 6.8 MB.

Download in original quality: * .mpg 5.3 MB.

Download in original quality: * .mpg 4.5 MB.

And screenshots:







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  1. 1 10.04.2009, Yndikator3033:

    Only you alone
    Among the hundreds of people and faces
    I keep in the heart ...

  2. 2 10.01.2011, purgatorius:

    Natasha, are you in this role is very similar to the real ex-lead Julia Menshov. It's so conceived? :-)

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