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"The protagonist" with Natasha Guseva (rebroadcast NTV) |
2008 August 30, 2008

"The protagonist" with Natasha Guseva (rebroadcast NTV)

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August 31, 2008 (Sunday) on NTV held rebroadcast "protagonist of" with Natasha Guseva.
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Recording transmission (held at the previous time).
Week Alice :)

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  1. 1 02.09.2008, Azzurro:

    Thank you for an exciting return to childhood - when eagerly peer into every nook and cranny, and listened to every sound, because the place and time of action - your soul. Renaissance magic did not stop even the usual grimaces and faces the host, the ability to "witticism not spare his own father" (which are puns like that Kolya Gerasimov future promised is not the way, and to drink).
    What is the secret appeal of the film? After all, he seemed to look at beshitrosten modern young audience, there is no fast action unfolds, "clever" special effects and mystical elements of anime epic, colorful surroundings, shocking art. He was shot in the pre-computer, domobilnuyu, "pre-" More Gd knows what kind of era. Of course, today you can lard screen special effects and technology of the future, to make a hybrid of the "Matrix" and "Terminator." But in all of this will not be the main thing - the naked human heart, capable of such simple human emotions like love, friendship, loyalty and compassion. To paraphrase a famous children's story, too, of the past, today, and wealth can do a little leg, but not a great soul.
    But there is a real world where lives are not Alice, and Natalia Murashkevich, and it would be at least strange, if it was what made Alice a master of science fantasy Kir Bulychev, and even be what Alice imprinted in the child's memory film. I believe our outstanding science fiction is that with the technical narrative minimalism they used human souls - this is the main, an inexhaustible subject of their research. Therefore, it turns the characters Bulycheva, Ephraim, Strugatsky so incredibly attractive and humane. Era fiction humanism, seems irretrievably gone, like leaves itself era of humanism, giving way to the mercantilism ...

  2. 2 11.09.2008, Yndikator3033:

    Provides meeting
    With the past
    Last day of summer.
    Not only weapon separation
    Harbinger of?

  3. 3 17.09.2008, Shera:

    Thank you for this show !!
    Watched "guests" as a child many times - and always felt faint with delight! Not only that, the story itself is mysterious and exciting, so more and Moscow after the film is shown! And I dreamed about Moscow in early childhood; often I dreamed that I arrive to the capital by plane and circled over the Kremlin.
    ... Recently reviewed "guests" and realized that delights not only fewer, but, on the contrary, has increased - now I learned Arbat lanes !! Squealed with delight, I swear! :))) It turns out that almost every day I go out there where the film !! Big and Small Lёvshinskie, Money, Carpenters - it's all already hozheno-pass me, born in Tashkent, but Moscow always who adored and almost idolized her !!
    And today, here - look online this transfer, then I dug more materials - now I walk in the alleys even with great reverence.

    Thank you!!

  4. 4 20.09.2012, romman:

    Our favorite Aleesk - Natasha, wish a happy and bright life, and - most importantly - it - worthy
    In order to still find the author of the script that would have written just for HER scenario where again she would play herself
    itself - a movie where the main character on some Biological Station (perhaps experimental
    Space 😉) would be alone with the flora and fauna - animals, butterflies, crocodiles, dolphins, mangosteen,
    cacti), and, of course, I would fall into some adventure, from which she would go through his beautiful
    spiritual qualities - kindness, honesty, courage, and love of nature in all its manifestations.
    That would be a film that, I'm sure, I would collect a large, family audience TWO at least generations - children,
    their parents) Here's what you need to do, so we got another cult movie with a decent main character!

  5. 5 02.11.2012, alexn9999:

    100 fully agree it would be super if Alice rather Natalia agreed to star in the sequel, the film would get super because it remained the same. There are good movies but the actors shit, but here the combination, and the actors and the director and the film itself is super. I would like to continue !!!

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