Wallpapers for mobile

(Light. Visor) 240 × 320. png format
Background transparent (if you click on the phone or fill)
(Running. Visor) 240 × 320. png format
Background transparent (become visible when you click or fill in the phone)
(Probably. Visor) 240 × 320. jpg format
(Sergey_na_forume) 112 × 150. jpg format
(Sergey_na_forume) 112 × 150. jpg format
(Sergey_na_forume) 112 × 150. jpg format
(Alexey76) 240 × 320. jpg format

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  1. 1 01.04.2009, Sovyonok:

    Only now, having come to the site accidentally, I discovered this section. Thank you very much for taking into account the ability of users of the mobile Internet! Flooded everything (you will need to complete a "work" :-)), but keep only the "Running", which set as wallpaper on the phone - it's a blue-and-white dress in a desperate swiftness !!! - And maybe a hospital (painfully familiar spirits look out the window) with an asterisk (symbols of our common cause).
    More screensavers, good and different - that's my wish! Thanks again.

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