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As if we did not want, the locomotive named Time inevitably hurtles forward. And this machine is often swept away in its path a lot that could take in the structure and carry away.

People change, to change the mentality. Media create a new social consciousness. And we have been living in a country that 15 years ago. What can I say? Even 10 years ago it was very different!

The worst thing for the country - the degradation of the people, the destruction of spirituality. Latin gum and domestic chernukha on television, endless gunfire in the thoroughfare to the mountain of the victims in the "new Russian cinema", real and imaginary horrors the press ...

Yes, we are hard. The mentality of many of us formed a different era and people who had grown up in it. We probably can not fully adapt to the new reality. Every day on the way there are new problems (and, certainly, not our fault, and certainly not at our request). But who said that progress needs to be in a general degradation? Is the door to the bright, clean, good closed forever? Really we can no longer dreaming, hoping, fantasizing? Have we lost the ability to enjoy life in all its manifestations? Even cars gain humanity. Recall one of the most famous romantic likely future - the robot Werther from the film "Guest from the Future" ! Are we worse zhelezyaki semiconductor brains? No! No! And again - no!


Of course, we should not live in the past, but firmly closed the door to impossible. Understand it becomes more and more, as evidenced by our personal experience over the past years.

People doing this project, met through a common love for the film "Guest from the Future" . That's because with the materials about him and we began to fill the resource.

However, after talking to each other, we realized that we wanted to create a project is not just about the kids favorite film 80. Our goals are much wider!

We want to tell the people who were shooting those bright and good children's films and how they take them off. One of the objectives of the site - is to try to bring up a generation that did not catch the Soviet Union, those sparks of good and kind, then what were the atmosphere of the Soviet era. Those who spent his childhood at the movies, we hope, will be interesting to see how everything was done in those days, when all the special effects were done literally "on his knee," and to create things out of nothing, a reality which we believed on the screen.

We are looking for child actors, so they told us how they live, who have become.

We also want to collect information about how our fantasies of fantastic technique now implemented.

And of course, we will not leave without attention and foreign works of art, which rises above the gray ocean of mediocrity, hoping that some will like and you will make you think, to reflect, to develop spiritually.

Our resource is inherently non-profit project. We do all this for ourselves and you, just like we are romantics. Or maybe not romantic at all, but people are not indifferent.

We would like to express my special gratitude to TelekomByuro and personally Sergei Barkov for placing this site on the server of the company and its technical assistance support.

Here are the few things that we wanted to tell you. If you want to say something to us, wish, maybe, and give blame - you can always do it on our forum .



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  1. 1 28.10.2008, Grinya:

    Thank you for your project, you are doing right and good thing.

  2. 2 15.05.2011, sla:

    The clock on the site is a very useful thing. Because the time is simply not zamechaesh.

  3. 3 12.07.2013, Bruno:

    Generally Werther is not a piece of iron and bio-robot with a thin electronic organizatsiey.Schitay almost living suschestvo.No that it is much wiser and nobler than some of the considers himself a man - it is an indisputable fact!
    There is a kind of archetype of a real person, which reflects the essence of that, the idea for which man was created and the Creator. This idea, this archetype of Man reflected in the scriptures and talked about it, it was hinted, many sages and mysliteli.Da man is not king of nature, but he is the governor of the King !! Endowed with all the necessary polnomochiyami.Tsar nature has endowed his Vicar (person) Reason, knowledge and free will, and subjected him to heaven and earth. But gave it all, without the right to abuse and use only for the fulfillment of the Will of the Creator. And the will of the Creator is His Vicar sensitively and carefully applied to the nature entrusted to him, he turned the planet into a blooming garden, and not in a lifeless desert. And then fly to other planets Venus, Mars and turned into a blooming garden .. This is the will of the king of nature and man man only insofar as it conforms to this idea, this archetype.
    "Guest from the Future" undeniably great film, but it does not fully reflect what is in the novels and short stories by Igor Vsevolodovich. All the characters in these stories are clearly divided into two types: a person corresponding to the purpose for which it was created, which pleased the Creator (it is no accident the same with Alice, "nothing will happen") and the person who uses reason and freedom, just for the sake of his own lust (lust greed, power, running animal pleasures), and over which no doubt anger the Creator because "plaguing him no people or cattle eats and eats everything .." Just admire the artistic merit of the film, or use it for nostalgic memories about the alleged magical childhood (and not so magical it was), and ignore the fact that it alludes to not only pointless and silly, but even criminal !!!
    As one philosopher: "It's like a finger to indicate to the heavenly glow, if you will peel off in palets- radiance will not see"

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