Account for the alley


Account for the alley

Now the name of the Alley Alice Selezneva caring volunteers from among the members of the forum "" To perform a full quality care for Rowan need certain costs - for garden tools, fertilizers, pests and diseases, garden Var, brushes, whitewash and so on. To run a full set of work in previous years has been determined in the amount of 30 thousand rubles., However, if collected less, activists will try to do everything possible so that the quality of work is not affected.
You can transfer funds:
# From anywhere on the bill in Euros
# According to the account in Russian rubles
# On the Walk during maintenance work

Project Manager - Alexander (Mitch)
Consultant Manager - Sergey.

The anniversary of the landing Alley celebrated on the first Saturday of October.


Account for the transfer of the banks:
Recipient Name: Tugay Maxim V.
Beneficiary Account Number:
- For ruble transfers: 40817810404010156883
- For currency translation (EUR): 40817978904980005817
Beneficiary Bank: OJSC "Alfa-Bank"
TIN: TIN specified sender
BIC: 044525593
Cor / cq .: 30101810200000000593

To transfer does not necessarily have an account with Alfa-Bank, but as the expense of all.
Those who have an account with Alfa-Bank, it is necessary to specify only the account to which the money is transferred. Who does not - see. Above.

Details for transfers from abroad in Euros:
Alfa-Bank, 27, Kalanchevskaya str, Moscow, Russia.
Score: Tugay Maxim 40817978904980005817

Because the boundary transfer is possible through several banks. Here's one of them:
COMMERZBANK, Frankfurt / Main 32-36 Neue Mainzer Strasse, Frankfurt am Main, 60261.
Account number: 400 88 689 45/01 EUR.

Alternatively, you can select another intermediary bank operating in euros.
The discussion of this topic here.

See. Also pictures alleys, 2007 (photos) , Alice alley - preparing for the winter, 2009 Alley Master, 2010, the 10th anniversary of alley named A.Seleznёvoy 2011 .

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Счет для аллейки
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