We have gathered here as the own pictures to filming locations, the surviving objects and materials, and exclusive photos provided to us from their home photo archives of the crew members of.

Photos from the filming of Paul Arsenov

  • Rare photos of Helen Arsenova from the personal archives of her husband, taken during the filming of "The guest from the future" and "Purple ball". We scanned, restored and are now pleased to present these wonderful pictures!

Virtual tour of places of the filming of the film "Guest from the Future"

  • 73 (seventy three) photos. - No comments. - And that's not true! with great comments!).

Photos of working moments filming

  • Photo from the personal archive of Sergei Leonidovich Onufrieva, director of photography of the film.

Meet the filmmakers from B. Lind June 7, 2005

  • Finally, we managed to bring together some of the filmmakers found. The historic meeting took place at the Great Women of Faith Evgenyavna Lind.

Expedition to the studio to them. Gorky May 20, 2005

  • The expedition was conducted with up to three objectives: to make tracing of interest of people to interview and porytsya in search of surviving after the filming of subjects.

Expedition to the studio Gorky May 20, 2005 (continued)

  • All three objectives have been successfully achieved. Read, watch, surprised us!

Photo report by April 13, 2005

  • On this day, the day of the events of the film, we made a tour of the filming locations that do not have time to visit on 25 March. And we finished the journey at the very pond in Kosmozoo.

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  1. 1 07.01.2011, vladimir:

    The main heroine of "guest from the future Natalia E. Guseva (Murashkevich) remained as beautiful as a child (especially the eyes) .Zhelayu Natalia E. to this year was one of the happiest in her life and the lives of her blizkih.Pust fulfilled all the most secret desire (especially children).

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