2015 March 25, 2015

30 years of the first film "Guest from the Future." 1 series.


Exactly 30 years ago, the premiere of the film "Guest from the Future." 1st Series was shown March 25, 1985 ...

This incredible story like a fairy tale, began on April 13 1984go year, when the student sixth grade "B", 20-th Moscow school - Kolya Gerasimov, who went to the store for yogurt, met his classmate, Fima Korolyov. Fima divided Kolya secret: one mysterious stranger hiding in evictions and boarded up house. The mystery should be revealed. Kolya Fima sent after a stranger. To their surprise, the house is unoccupied. If you are going to leave, Nick notices a staircase to the basement. In the basement, found a time machine. But Kohl's, not knowing that it is - a time machine, it includes lightly, leading to dramatic consequences. Hence it must be concluded that if you find a time machine in the basement, never switch it without permission adults! Kohl is the future, where he meets a kind, romantic atmosphere of the robot Werther, who serves at the Institute of Time. Werther Cole opens his eyes, explaining that he got to the end of the 21st century. A mysterious stranger - an employee of the Institute of Time - Pauline, a specialist in the twentieth century. Using robot kindness, Kohl asks only for a moment to look at the future and visit the spaceport. If Nick could have imagined that his act would trigger the incredible incidents, he probably would have hurried home. But Nick did not suggest and sent an expedition to meet starry ...

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2014 October 18, 2014

80 years since the birth of Cyrus Bulychev



October 18, 2014 marks 80 years since the birth of Cyrus Bulychev

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2012 April 30, 2012

Olga Kravchenya: How to remove "Guest from the Future"


About the filming of "Guest from the Future" written so many, it would seem, had long been known. However, the correspondent resource Letidor , met with production designer pattern, learn new interesting details, some of which refutes the conventional wisdom of the legend. Courtesy of the resource Letidor give the full article.
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2011 August 22, 2011

Yuri Entin: History of a song


August 21, Yuri Entin turned 76 years old.
Our visitor boojums shared scans of rare books given to him by the poet himself. In addition to poems in it have an interesting history of the song "Beautiful far."
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2009 October 18, 2009

75 years since the birth McGee


Today we celebrate the anniversary - 75 years since the birth of Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheyko (Kir Bulychev).
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2009 October 16, 2009

The history of the Alley Alice Selezneva

Posted by:
Author: Jedi aka ColMatrix

In October 2001, Cyrus Bulychev himself personally, Natalia Murashkevich (Guseva) and her daughter Alesya, fans of Film "Guest from the Future", as well as enthusiasts who joined was planted "Avenue Alice Selezneva." As the landing site was selected bank of a pond in one of the most beautiful parks in the city not far from the station. m. "River Station" and the Northern river port of the capital. Read more »

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2009 July 14, 2009

Video of the greeting speeches directors film studio. Gorky addressed Krylatov in honor of the 65th anniversary


Written material: S.Hill.

"Plant trees throughout the country. And let the bullies get tired to break them "(P.Arsenov)

Record 1999. Fragment of copyright pm Krylatov organized in honor of the 65th anniversary of the composer. With congratulations act grammar, Goddess, Arseny.
Download the video here .
The same fragment with a slightly better image quality, but many times larger in volume, posted here .
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2009 May 6, 2009

Fragment of the program "Around the cinema" 30.08.2008


Fragment of the program "Around the movie" channel "Capital" of 30 August 2008.
Written material: TV channel "Capital", Moscow.

The program "Around the cinema," which was broadcast on 30 August 2008, the participants discussed the film "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" director A.Ptushko. During the discussion, the conversation turned to "guests", and one of the participants in the discussions told an interesting story.
Download video fragment TV (20 MB).
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2009 February 23, 2009

Eugene Krylatov 75!


Календарь А3. Автор Александр Самсонов.
Today's Birthdays illustrious composers of the past and the present century! Evgeni Pavlovich Krylatov 75 years!
We heartily congratulate the creator of countless beautiful melodies. Health and many happy years!
Those interested can personally congratulate Eugene Pavlovich on his website .
Download full-size anniversary calendar A3 Alexander Samsonov (5.54 MB.)
Discussion on our forum .
As well! For the first time publish a unique document - a list of all products Krylatov Eugene. Watch and admire!
Compiled list - Alexander Samsonov .
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2008 August 5, 2008

Elena Metyolkin - fashion model


Visitors to our site know that Elena Metelkina - a great actress. Some know that it is also a professional model. But is there any pictures of this amazing woman in the role of the Model?
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2008 May 6, 2008

Kir Bulychev


Кир Булычев

Kir Bulychev (real name Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheyko; 1934-2003) - a science fiction writer, scientist-orientalist, writer.
Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR (1982).
The author of a cycle of works about Alice Selezneva .

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2008 May 6, 2008

Paul Arsenov Oganezovich


Павел Оганезович Арсенов
Paul Arsenov Oganezovich (1936-1999 gg.) - Film director and actor. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1997).
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