2012 October 23, 2012

Colleague Prul. The legend of the Pied Piper (fiction story)


XXVII Congress of the galactic kosmozoologov Vester held on the planet. After the first three days of work for us to take a break, so we could see the sights of the world. Most alien scientists immediately boarded the tour bus, but my friend, a local oceanographer Teng, whom I had already meet, invited me to fly with him to another location.
- Normally, - he said - we do not lead to tourists. But I think you should see this.
We sat in the passenger's intercontinental missile and two hours were on another continent in the northern hemisphere Wester. Taking a flyer, we flew to the desert coast, on which stood a lonely dilapidated tower. The tower was high, which suggests about its industrial nature.
- It's the North Wind Tower - he said. All that remained of the Pied Piper City.
- The Pied Piper? - I asked. - We have in the world there is a legend of the Pied Piper, who rid the city of rats playing the tune. But the townspeople refused to pay him. Then he again took his pipe and has withdrawn from all the children.
- How do you know about it? - Said Tan.
- I say: this is our legend - I said.
- Interesting! - Said Tan. - Many civilizations have similar legends. But the fact that we have it actually happened. In any case, the memory of those events live for centuries ...
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2011 November 28, 2011

Colleague Prul. The sun enters the sign of Capricorn, or Great Scott!


The sun enters the sign of Capricorn,
Great Scott!


Opening remarks by author

Let not the reader has been criticized for my excessive attachment to the use of other people's characters. In the end, so I just took the Alice, that in fact it was not my too. And the one who invented it, not once confronted her with different famous fictional characters. So before Alice Selezneva again a unknown world ...
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2010 August 26, 2010

Colleague Prul. P - means Russia


P - means Russia

Blessed memory of Ray Bradbury, while he is still alive

- Dad! What is the penny?
- Where, what penny? - I did not immediately realize Gennady, staring at the monitor a network terminal.
- Yes, that's the same. - The son of Gennady, a disciple of the first class named Glory, stretched blackened copper coin.
Gennady took her. It was not like a penny, that every day he used to see - they were made of white metal. And the copper alloy. He turned and saw her on the back side of the symbol of a globe and the four letters "USSR".
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2010 July 24, 2010

When the wind changed


Somewhere closer to the center of the galaxy, in the direction called earthlings sleeve Swan, were intense thought processes. Council went civilization NY 882 546 star system, consisting of incorporeal energy beings. The best minds of the system were deciding what to do with those obtained by inter-civilizational channel signals, demanding the urgent action. Finally the decision was made, and the Council members, even though they were disembodied entities, fled to their homes, if you could call it their permanent habitation sites in areas of the attraction of the planets, where they were circling in orbits similar to artificial satellites. Leaving the planet and making flights by the stars and planets, they gave their energy bodies different forms depending on the needs.
Head of the Council of the third week of the earthly standards expected arrival metaproduktivnoy essence MPS60 21 199 001, which was with the service task in the star cluster Pleiades at work on the regulation of intranuclear processes Merope, who threatened to blast the star and the deaths of two civilizations. Will the Council MPS60 21 199 001 was withdrawn for other more important mission, which features her personality was more in demand.
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2010 February 10, 2010



The author honestly wants to warn readers that many of the images found in the story somehow copied from real people and fictional characters, and wants to ask a real person, and even more fictional characters were not offended because absolutely nothing wrong with the author had in mind, and just I wanted to express my respect for them.
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2010 February 10, 2010

This is my world


Dmitri stood at the Colonnade and thinking.
At the bottom of a beautiful view of the Plaza of the Sun, in the middle of which stood round the sundial made of white marble, illuminated green sunset. In the sky rose unfamiliar constellations, the names of which he was unable to learn more than a year. And at the bottom, on the square, people gathered. There were more and more, they were holding lighted candles - today was to take place the main festival of the local summer, Night Candle, the shortest night of the year. According to ancient tradition, this night it was necessary to recognize one another in love. And Dmitri thought tensely, whether or not to admit it to him.
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2009 March 21, 2009



The story is inspired by the film
"Memories of the Future"

Forty years ago,

Bright plane down to the square, lined with slabs of volcanic basalt in the middle of an abandoned ancient city. Long Street went away and lost in the coming centuries the jungle. And in the midst of the ruins of the city rose the surviving stone giants - terraced pyramid rising, seemed to the sky.
Luc plane opened, and out popped the subject's figure, which gently down to the ground, led his nose, as if to smell the ancient culture, and shouted:
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2008 April 18, 2008

Three meetings


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2007 November 9, 2007

Julius Kim. Songs for the TV movie "Magicians"


Do not be surprised, dear readers, there is no error. Text published songs really belongs to the famous bard Julia Kim (although they have no music). And those songs were written really for the film "Magicians". Another thing is that they were not accepted. I think it will be easy to guess what place in the film had to hold each of the songs. And they all fit within the meaning of the film, and even more suited to the spirit of the Strugatsky brothers, who loved and respected songwriters.
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2007 November 5, 2007

To each his own


«Jedem das seine»
(Inscription on the gates of Buchenwald)

I woke up in a dark room with no windows, which to me was a mass of people. All were dressed in something between a hospital gown and robe prisoner. It was dark, but the ceiling was burning crude oil lamp. In general, the room itself looked very old, the walls were built of stones. People's faces have been distorted by suffering, no one knew. I tried to get up and climb odёrnuli me: "Sit down, you can not."
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2007 August 15, 2007

"Disasters that did not happen" (based on the works of K. Bulychev)



- Chicken no more - said the robot Grisha, distributing food to the crew of the spaceship "Segezha".
- Dispense without it, - said the captain Gleb Bauer. - For four days, enough vitamins, and Arcturus Small restock.
- And I'm warning you - put a mechanic Green. - I'm saying that nothing good comes out of your venture with Pavlysh will come.
- Are you absolutely nothing - said Pavlysh. - We did not mean anything ...
He was interrupted by a signal the central console.
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