2015 April 28, 2015

Announcement: Oksana Kompaniets - Alice stunt from the movie "Guest from the Future"


Оксана Компаниец Among the filmmakers had several stunt . Pirates of falling from height and runs across the street on the roofs of cars - it's all they are - a group led by Oleg Korytina . And, of course, Alice! Running under the trolley, jumping over the fence and out of the window of the school. Oh, how it is admired by millions of kids! Little girl, get up off that, and so you'll be able to? That's what it means to be a full human development! This "jumpy" Alice - a young Oksana Kompaniets - while candidate master. Unfortunately, to date about her almost nothing was known. On three frames with blurred face image can be seen that the girl is quite nice, but who is she? Name, information on the status of sports - everything! And so for over 30 years! However, just recently we were able to restore justice. We found this extraordinary man of amazing destiny and amazing modesty!
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