2015 March 27, 2015

30 years of the first film "Guest from the Future." 3 series.


Exactly 30 years ago, the premiere of the film "Guest from the Future." 3rd series was shown March 27, 1985 ...

Who would have guessed that a student of the sixth class "B", 20-th Moscow school - Kolya Gerasimov, found in the basement of an empty house a time machine, go on it in the future, and not ask permission from anyone. But it happened. At the end of the 21st century, Nick meets a robot Werther, who, feeling sorry for the offender, allowed him to go to the launch site. The cosmodrome Kohl tries to get on some spaceship to fly to Mars. That he did not succeed. But it becomes a witness of how the space pirates who arrived on Earth in search of rare device for reading thoughts - mielofon, kidnap him at Alice Selezneva. Kohl's to the rescue Alice manages to intercept mielofon. Pirates chase Nicky heels. Where to go? Only the Institute of Time, where Kohl expects a loyal friend - the robot Werther. Werther time to send Kolya in our time, but he is killed in an unequal battle with the pirates. So, today, in Moscow are:
a) Kohl, who hid mielofon;
b) Two space pirates, who will stop at nothing to get hold of mielofon;
c) Alice, who is looking for mielofon and Kohl.
Unaccustomed to our traffic, Alice gets into an accident. She is in the hospital, in the same room with Julia Fungal which, by a happy coincidence, is studying in the same class with Coley. Julia promises to help the girl from the future. Space Pirates do not know who mielofon. And Alice tracked down, get into the hospital, taking the form of medical personnel. But Julia Alice expose the machinations of pirates. However, further stay in hospital dangerous. At dawn, the girl escapes. Meanwhile, Kolya tells everything to his prudent friend, Fima Korolev, who convinces Kolya hide. Before Alice is a problem: which of the three in the sixth Kohl "B" hides at mielofon? The same problem concerned and pirates.

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