2015 March 26, 2015

30 years of the first film "Guest from the Future." 2 series.


Exactly 30 years ago, the premiere of the film "Guest from the Future." 2nd Series was shown March 26, 1985 ...

13th April 1984 student sixth grade "B", the twentieth of the Moscow School - Kolya Gerasimov to find an empty house in the basement of a time machine, and without asking permission from anyone, it goes into the future. It is at the end of the 21st century, where he met with the robot Werther. Werther allows Cole to go to the launch site to see the return of the star of the expedition. The cosmodrome Kohl tries to get on any spacecraft to visit Mars or Venus, it is not thought of my mother, who is confident that her son went to the store for yogurt. Wandering in the premises of the spaceport, Kohl sees two strange creatures appear out of the container, which arrived from Saturn. They attack the spaceport employees and make them look. These creatures - the last space pirates, who secretly arrived on Earth to master mielofon. Help. "Encyclopedia of inventions", 8th edition, Moscow, 2082, reports mielofon following: mielofon - a unique device developed in the laboratory of professor Seleznev, based superkristalla Giperselenita. Mielofon capable of detecting and decoding brain action currents. Range: Up to six meters. With mielofon can read thought any living creature, provided that it has thought. The device is allowed to use only strictly scientific purposes. Found out that mielofon is in the Cosmic Zoo Alice Selezneva, which uses it for scientific purposes, the pirates rush to Kosmozoo and cunning master device. They believe that anyone who knows the thoughts of the people around them can dominate them. But they can not carry out until the end of his evil intent because Kolya, with the help of his new friends - Electronic Ivanovich and goat Napoleon captures valuable device. Pirates catch him. Where to go? Of course, the Institute of Time, where Kohl is waiting for his faithful friend Werther. Werther time to send Kolya back in a time machine, but he is killed in an unequal battle with space pirates. Kohl returned on the same day, from which left 13 of April 1984go year. But not alone! Behind him rush the pirates who know Kohl's face, but more about it do not know anything. For pirates rushing Alice, who knows what mielofon Kolya, a student of the sixth class "B", 20-th school, but she does not know Kohl's face. Nick knows that being chased, but do not know what to do now.

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