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30 years of the first film "Guest from the Future." 1 series.

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Exactly 30 years ago, the premiere of the film "Guest from the Future." 1st Series was shown March 25, 1985 ...

This incredible story like a fairy tale, began on April 13 1984go year, when the student sixth grade "B", 20-th Moscow school - Kolya Gerasimov, who went to the store for yogurt, met his classmate, Fima Korolyov. Fima divided Kolya secret: one mysterious stranger hiding in evictions and boarded up house. The mystery should be revealed. Kolya Fima sent after a stranger. To their surprise, the house is unoccupied. If you are going to leave, Nick notices a staircase to the basement. In the basement, found a time machine. But Kohl's, not knowing that it is - a time machine, it includes lightly, leading to dramatic consequences. Hence it must be concluded that if you find a time machine in the basement, never switch it without permission adults! Kohl is the future, where he meets a kind, romantic atmosphere of the robot Werther, who serves at the Institute of Time. Werther Cole opens his eyes, explaining that he got to the end of the 21st century. A mysterious stranger - an employee of the Institute of Time - Pauline, a specialist in the twentieth century. Using robot kindness, Kohl asks only for a moment to look at the future and visit the spaceport. If Nick could have imagined that his act would trigger the incredible incidents, he probably would have hurried home. But Nick did not suggest and sent an expedition to meet starry ...

Коля Герасимов (актёр Алёша Фомкин)

Kolya Gerasimov - actor Alexei Fomkin . After filming "The Guest from the Future" starred in "reason" (1986) "In My Homeland" (1987) and several editions newsreel "Jumble". Then, because of the lack of any offer of shooting went into the army. After the service has changed several places of work and residence. He was killed in a fire in Vladimir in February 1996

Фима Королёв (актёр Илья Наумов) Fima Korolyov - Ilya Naumov. The other films are not shot. He works in the construction business.

Полина (актриса Елена Метёлкина) Polina - Actress Elena Metyolkin . After the "guests" appeared as early as 3 films. She worked as a secretary-referent, a teacher at a boarding school for sick children, fashion model, saleswoman of clothing and footwear. He is currently working in the educational center, and on weekends singing in church. Actress herself does not believe, and modestly said that just appeared in several films.

Робот Вертер (актриса Евгений Герасимов) Robot Werther - actor Evgeny Gerasimov . After the "guests" appeared as early as 18 films until 2012, and set as a director of 10 films (from 1983 to 2012), in 1994 received the title of People's Artist of Russia. Since 1994, the author of the TV "picture tube", "Parade of Stars", "Parade of Festivals". Currently director of the Central House of Artists, chairman of the "Eurasian television." Since December 16, 2001 - the deputy of the Moscow City Duma, chairman of the Committee on Culture. Member of the political council of the Moscow organization of the party "United Russia".

Туристы с Альфа-Центавры Tourists from Alpha Centauri. Actors: Vladimir L. Shuranov (Mukhametov) (left) and Sergey Roshinets (right).

Владимир Леонтьевич Шуранов (Мухаметов) Vladimir L. Shuranov (Mukhametov) in the credits of the film is listed as V.Muhamedov. After the "guests" appeared in two more films, he played in the Moscow Drama Theater "Sphere". Died March 13, 2011 at the age of 53 years.

Сергей Михайлович Рошинец Sergey Roshinets in the credits listed as S.Roschinets. At the time of the shooting in more studied at the Theatre College (university) them. BV Shchukin, from which he graduated in 1985. "Guest from the Future" was the debut film actor. More later he starred in eight films. It has a lot of theater work: the Moscow Philharmonic, the Moscow theater "Playwright" in the Moscow theater "Echo Theatre" in Moscow Theater "The Pokrovsky Gates" in the Moscow theater "In Trifonovskaya." After a few days - March 28 - Sergei Mikhailovich Birthday.

Владимир Бенедиктович Носик Father Paul - actor Vladimir Benediktovich spout. His own voice sounded behind the scenes when told the previous series. After the "guests" until 2013 appeared 54 more films. In 1993 he received the title of Honored Artist of Russia. He played in the studio theater actor, since 1995 he has been working at the Maly Theater. Grandfather Paul in the movie 132 years, and Vladimir Benediktovich April 3, 2015 will be 67 years old.

Конец первой серии To be continued ...

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  1. 1 25.03.2015, alex21:

    Congratulations to all on the anniversary. This film and its main character could be built similar to the religion of pioneers, and I would be one of the first stood under their banners.

  2. 2 25.03.2015, Sovyonok:

    Congratulations to all the participants in the history of the movie "The Guest from the Future," the 30th anniversary of the landmark premiere! Let the good and light, striving to the stars of eternal values, the belief in the bright future of the miracle for which it is necessary to work hard, love of adventure, knowledge, science fiction, intolerance to evil in every form, and then carry away the new generations of children and awaken all the best in the themselves and their parents - all those who loved, loved this film and those lucky ones who have yet to see it. Happy Holidays!

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