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Video of congratulatory speeches directors film studio. Gorky addressed Krylatov in honor of the 65th anniversary |
2009 July 14th, 2009

Video of congratulatory speeches directors film studio. Gorky addressed Krylatov in honor of the 65th anniversary

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Written material: S.Hill.

"Plant trees throughout the country. And let the bullies get tired to break them "(P.Arsenov)

Record 1999. Fragment of copyright pm Krylatov organized in honor of the 65th anniversary of the composer. With congratulations act grammar, Goddess, Arseny.
Download the video here.
The same fragment with a slightly better image quality, but many times larger in volume, posted here.

And now we want another greeting sounded in honor of the hero of the day. His welcome ... his home studio named after Gorky. We invite you to filmmaker Vladimir Grammatikova microphone.

(On the scene: V.Grammatikov, P.Arsenov, M.Bogin, Klebanov.)

Evgeny Pavlovich, please ... (Krylatov).
Good evening (Grammatikova).

There are ... Arsenov Pavel. Yes, Pashenka, very nice .... Misha .... Good morning .... And ... Igor Klebanov.
Frankly, when you go out on that stage and see so many people, you want to sing. And if we would sing songs written by Evgeny Pavlovich studio Gorky, and their more than forty-five ... right? ...

Yes, approximately.

... We would sit here, probably a day or two - three. That's why we do this and we will not. But we want to say that in recent years, Evgeny Pavlovich, we rarely see you at the studio, but we want to assure you that our studio door open. Here. We are waiting for you, and the studio, and all the children of Russia are waiting for you, and we hope that the meeting will be very close, creative and working. Come to us, please.

(V.Grammatikov turns to P. Arsenov, gesturing to the microphone.)

You can, right?




(V.Grammatikov suitable for E. Krylatov and gives a bouquet of flowers.)

Maybe I am … ​​. Now, I really want to say .... I have long loan your attention. Still, sixty-five every day. Twenty-seven years of our communication creative, but creative, too, not every day, but I want to give the floor to some extent turned out to be the guest of our today, here, the company welcoming ... Zhenyu Krylatov, Misha Goddess, this is the director of the film "About Love" . This here is a man with whom Jack is really the first time in cinema ... wrote the music. In my opinion, there's poignant topic, if anyone remembers it. Therefore, Misha goddess. Film director of the film "About Love".

Good evening. That way ... thirty years ago, so I finished the painting. And with editor Mary Sergeyevna Shihovskoy we decided to see: what we've got.
And I see: a man sitting in the hallway.
And I say: "You have half an hour?"
He says: "There is."
I said, "Could not sit with us, we have, however, in the film there is no music, no noise .... Well, just say .... Your impression. "
So I ended viewing. And he's so wonderful ... ... I started talking about this film.
I said, "What is your name?"
He says: "My name," says "Flying Jack."
I say: "A profession Who are you?"
And he said: "I - a composer."
He says, "You know, I could even write the music for your movie."
I said, "Well, I do not know."
I say, "You know, we already have a composer ...".
"Well," he said, "sorry ...".
"Well, you know what, I'll give you a chance. Today is Friday, so if you bring Monday's theme, then ... we'll take you. "
And then he wrote the theme, a theme remarkable. And since then, Eugene works in cinema art. For this music, in my opinion .... He wrote a ballet, "The Scarlet Flower" for the Bolshoi theater, writing ... for animated films, but the movie was not working. So I had the honor ... really ... to become the first director, for whom Jack wrote the music. And we're friends. True friends. And I live, so life was, I live in New York. And often I work here. And there was a case that I have not met Jack. It has become a tradition, Eugene I always meets and escorts.
Thanks. I wish him all the best in life.


I am not so far away start. I'll have a late period of mature Eugene Krylatov. I tell the story, really, as it happened in our life together. Now you realize that this greeting, but in a form that I chose today, I think, worth it for you and me both.
The fact that, after the painting "Guest from the Future" in our name, in the name of the picture, came a huge number of letters. We counted a hundred and twenty thousand, have ceased to be considered further. It was fun to just. These bags, each containing thirty we simply delayed and so on.
Ho. Many, frankly, as a hit the first time, I tried to read, read a lot ....
There were different letters. Well, almost without exception: the address and phone Natasha Guseva, if not, then either shoot me or fill me damage, and so on and so on ....
Second. Analysis of the film. But, please, then, certainly, address and telephone number of Natasha Guseva, because an epidemic fell in love with her.
The third category was terrific category letters that sample ... I fit into two folders. And I'm going to sit on them and respond in detail.
But, unfortunately, these two folders I have lost, because TV reruns wanted to do ... you know ... with the group. Reruns of the group, with members of the film, and, now, with the reading of letters. The letters were gone.
And I remembered the two letters, because, somehow, maybe a few times I have read them.
One of the girl Lena from Leningrad and the other from a boy of Misha ... Odessa. Lena girl was twelve years old, remember, boy ... Misha. The boy Misha - fourteen years.
Letter girl Lena, very briefly.
They moved to Leningrad in the new district. Well, as usual: the house is worth, nothing around - a wasteland. With the Pope, they decided to plant a tree. Bullies, boys tree cut down, uprooted.
She and Dad went to the nursery and bought another tree and planted again in the same place. The same thing happened: a tree cut down.
They did it the third time. The third tree was cut down.
Then the girl despaired and wrote: "When I saw the picture of" Guest from the Future, "I have promised that we will be with Dad planted a tree as long as these thugs ... they do not get tired of this tree to break."
Lena is a girl from Leningrad.
A young boy Misha wrote: "Dear Paul Oganezovich. I realize that life is bad. Everyone, including filmmakers. When you are going to be very bad, remember that there is a boy in Odessa, Mike. "
That's my word ... today. "... And who knows how you hard." This is the word that I have said of the two letters, which means .... What I did address ... Evgeny Pavlovich. If not for his music, if not the song for a serious, smart, subtle, wise words of Yuri Entin, of course, the picture would not have such.
Therefore. My wish.
The girl Lena. She's probably already a grown woman, and she even their children. Plant trees throughout the country. And let the bullies get tired to break them.
The boy Misha. Be as kind and compassionate.
And boys ... Wife Krylatov of the city, the distant city, we found the Urals. Genia. Continue to plant a tree of your love for people. The tree of your songs. To them was as much fruit. Raduy us Genia, because really, we love you very much. Because you do not know what kind of person, and I was fortunate, I know. Genia, we all love you.


Recorded with video, filmed May 17, 1999 on copyright Krylatov evening, in Moscow, in a concert hall "Russia".
Videos and texts provided S.Hill.
Discussion at the forum here.

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