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Alex Fomkin - the guy from our yard

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Алёша Фомкин - Коля Герасимов Once a reservation. I hesitated for a long time, something to write about it. Maybe because of the complex and obscure fate of this man. Or feeling the responsibility to his memory. Until now, all the circumstances of the life and death of Alexei Fomkina us through unknown and probably will not ever know. This small article is primarily a tribute to the man who for us, the boys' 80s, was on the screen as a close friend, a classmate, a guy from our yard. Dedicated to the bright memory ... .Not mistaken if I say that such screen images that are close to reality, in the children's cinema has ever had.

Maybe someone does not agree with this statement, it is their right. I just express my personal opinion. Religious kinogeroi 80s, such as Syroezhkin or Petrov Vasechkin, in my opinion, compared to Kolya Gerasimov looked a little corny and improbable, and sometimes willfully and openly. But this statement as I did not detract from the merits "Electronics" and "Petrov and Vasechkina." Forgive me, ardent fans of these films. But looking "guests" every boy or girl might say, "I know him! The same student in our class! He lives in my backyard, porch and so on. "

Paul Oganezovich saw it, nothing outwardly remarkable lad, with protruding ears and a little dreamy look callous, that as critics would say, people's image, which was closest to the viewer. And not in bottles from under yogurt thing, not "pie", where he had previously filmed. Just thanks to the work of Alexey in "guests", all very ordinary boy could feel his involvement in the exciting adventures that take place on the screen. It is very easy to imagine yourself in his place, saving mielofon and fight the space pirates. Do not downplay the work of a huge number of people who worked on the film and played in it, say, Alex Fomkin did it the way we love it.

Алёша Фомкин - Коля Герасимов Finished filming, was the premiere of the show "guests" on television. The boys were crazy about the main character. The girls imitated her. Fame and popular adoration as it passed by Alexis. Yes, perhaps it is he was not absolutely necessary. He returned to his own world, which is different from the screen. But he always remained, as it were, the soul of the "guests". It's like as a person. The soul is invisibly present in it, but take away it, and it will cease to be human. Life, sometimes, sometimes, unfair and cruel. Many talented people fall under the millstones of everyday life and die.

Not escaped this sad fate of Alexei. Now, the story of Alexei Fomkina, has acquired a lot of rumors and legends. Implausible, and sometimes just fantastic. Fans of "fried" facts can be quite satisfied. But this is not important. The main thing, I think, just find his grave, to worship her, to lay flowers and say, "Thank you Alyosha! Let the earth you rest in peace. " I think you will agree with me.

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  1. 1 15.10.2006, Odinochka:

    Everlasting memory! It was really a man.

  2. 2 16.10.2006, Fenrir:

    Almost totally agree. While Alexei Fomkina possible and different assessments of how human (which, however, are only entitled to his friends), but to his credit as a great actor needed. Bright memory!

  3. 3 16.10.2006, Sotov:

    Bright memory!

  4. 4 18.10.2006, White:

    Not such a "not remarkable" Lyoshka was. Second place in the Moscow city-wide contest for readers just would not give.

  5. 5 23.02.2007, zeroql:

    For the past 11 years do not have it with us. The main thing that he was not forgotten, and so he is remembered us. live forever in our memories Alex.

  6. 6 14.06.2008, Def:

    Fate sometimes is not fair, but it is not worth living posporish.Mnogih who is not with us, and no matter how bitter it is one of nih.My remember you Alex.

  7. 7 15.01.2009, Assol:

    I like very much the image of Koli, Alyosha created Fomkina - direct, sincere, touching. Scene flight flip - one of the most powerful in the film. It's unforgettable.

  8. 8 02.11.2010, konmatt:

    He was one of us. It will remain our simvolom.Krome he has no one else. Whitespace generation, the last generation of Romantics, betrayed their romance did not gave birth to their Gagarin, Che Guevara, a charismatic leader Lennonov- MakKartni.Mentalnym generation of all births in the first half of the 70s. He will be remembered not yet a thing of the past eternity of us. Subsequent generations pivososuschego bydloelektorata it will not nuzhen.Ego way and maybe he did not fit into the new Russians oblika.On acted honestly, he did not leave us ushёl.My skurvilis.My office plankton we Gopnik. We eat and drink their nyamka 40-degree antidepressantom.My we go to the plebeian Ford Focus Vsevolozhsk spill. We do not have prospects for a quiet old age. We have no future for our detey.Ibo hoots of approval by our great country was fucked-country of our childhood. We nails tearing into the blood clambered into the future in which there is no future. "Beautiful far do not be cruel to me" -zvuchalo as prayer, as the spell. The words have become the anthem of generation, on the eve of the great and destructive change. It is necessary slova.Nynche becomes even more sense.
    I heard the noise of the pioneering rechёvok
    In those days not so and ancient
    Where the old dust is washed in the Khrushchev
    From the time the Beatles played in the "Cavern"

    The generation of my not-conscience of the nation
    Doom and humbly went
    The slaughter age of degradation
    Reigns violence and evil

  9. 9, 10.11.2010, aleks alers:

    I have a couple of months 35 knock ... Childhood far is over, but these days in November weekend, the very weather, when to leave the house do not want to, but want of something nostalgic light that could forget for a while all this everyday hustle and bustle, and a dip in long in childhood, I suddenly remembered the film "Guest from the future date"! And besides immediately go out and buy this film I did not want to or anything! Bought. Reviewed twice! On the soul as the heat was) so many immediately remembered from what has been forgotten), I like many was then head over heels in love with Alice Seleznev and how many wanted to be on the site of Kolya Gerasimov ...) Even at the weekend I decided that necessarily went online and I find something about those who appeared in the film ...
    I found ... until recently was confident that despite the fact that many of the characters ekronizatsii though not visible now, but they are alive and involved than their own, live somewhere, someone working etc. And no it does not expect that Alexei Fomkina is dead !!! I'm shocked! In the 96th when he was gone, I was just in the army and already going demobilization and certainly did not know that at this time it happened ...
    Eternal memory to him ... the hero of our generation, a true romantic!

  10. 10 03.12.2010, stinger7797:

    We, the children of that time, you remember Alex as a talented aktёra.Spi quietly. Light your memory !!!

  11. 11 27.03.2011, panama2000:

    Emotion overwhelmed (((when 11 years fall in love with a boy on the screen, and with it a strong sense of growing up, reviewing every holiday movie ... and then twenty years is of the head and the heart takes off. And when suddenly remembered ... amassed Yandex ... he ... than it is now engaged in ... and you're right in the forehead ... Yandex pictures ... pictures tombstone ... Beautiful far, do not be cruel to me (((The fond memory ...

  12. 12 08.04.2011, panama2000:

    "When we hide behind the sinuses
    Winds battered flags
    And the silence will burn at the shore
    Latest ships
    Our little drummer
    Will leave for the evening sun
    And thin shiny icicles
    Increases given in the yellow.

    From the bitter ashes,
    From abandoned alleys,
    Where rains beat monotonously
    On the roof, both in coffins,
    From the evil betrayal that picks
    In the houses deserted and echoing,
    Our little drummer
    Leave without passing the drum ...

    But there is a consolation - as if
    Last round in the cage -
    Last bittersweet,
    What each of us was right.
    And because of the planet
    Chagall our drummer -
    He goes straight and slim,
    Referring to the tops of the grass ... "

    Vladislav Krapivin (s)

  13. 13 08.04.2011, alisiya:

    Yes, sorry for the guy ... but he left a bright trace that lives in our memory.

  14. 14 25.03.2013, Dimaio:

    And there is. A friend, a classmate, a guy from our yard, my brother - that's all it is. Every time when I watch the film, looking at Kolya Gerasimov see myself. So Alex has played the role of course, true. No, for me, Alex is alive, he lives in their roles ...

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